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Dr. Ravindra Kumar

Dr. Ravindra Kumar is an eminent writer, Indologist, political scientist and a former vice chancellor of Meerut University, India, who authored and edited over 100 works on great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and on various social-cultural issues. As a visiting professor, scholar and guest speaker he has delivered more than four hundred lectures around the world on Asian values, Gandhism, international understanding and peace.

The editor of Global Peace International Journal since 2001 and author of Religion and World Peace [1996-2007], Morality and Ethics in Public Life [2002] Theory and Practice of Gandhian Non-Violence [2002], Non-Violence and its Philosophy [2003], Towards Peace, [2006], Fundamentals of Civilization [2007], Gandhian Thoughts: New World, New Dimensions [2008], India and Mahatma Gandhi [2009], and Peace Philosophy in Action [2010], Dr. Kumar has been actively associated with several world bodies, institutions and organization and contributed to many a-grade journals and magazines and agencies - United Press International, South Asia Politics, One India One People, Gandhi Marg, Business Economics, and Bhavan's Journal. Dr. Kumar is a recipient of several awards including Ambassador of Peace, and Padma Shri by the President of India.

Dr Kumar is the Editor of World Peace Movement blog.

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Mahatma Gandhi's Views on Democracy Unveiled
Along with freedom and justice, the third most important thing, which requires special mention in context of Gandhi's views on democracy, relates to fundamental rights of citizens.
07:58 May 12, 2012 PST
'Chaudhary Charan Singh' a True Representative of Rural India
His commitment making public life and administration clean and honest, and policy of taking quick and impartial decisions, will also be cherished for a long. For this, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel remained his ideal.
06:06 Dec 24, 2011 PST
Chaudhary Charan Singh: A Great Nationalist and the Voice of Rural India
It is true that politics always takes new dimensions in constantly changing situations of space and time. Politics is also considered as an art; it is accepted as a game of conveniences, compromises and adjustments etc.
17:08 Dec 9, 2011 PST
Essentialism of Spirituality to Blossom Individual and the World
Spiritualism [of which spirituality is a prime attribute] is in fact the science of self-realization. It is also known as self spiritual science.
08:38 Dec 1, 2011 PST
A Journey to Understanding Swami Vivekananda and The True Essence of The Vedanta
Swami Vivekananda was one of the world's best known and leading elucidators of the Vedanta philosophy in both contemporary and modern periods.
20:46 Nov 30, 2011 PST
World Peace Movement and The Voice of Youth
Mahatma Gandhi Foundation was established on October 2, 2002 by Mr. Harivadan Shah, a noble, enthusiastic and successful businessman from India.
06:57 Nov 30, 2011 PST
Gandhi's Imagination on Civil Society Focuses on 'Live and Let Live' Spirit
No hindrance to neighbour [Harmony and cooperation with others] The fourth feature of civil society of Gandhi's imagination, particularly having the statement of the Mahatma, quoted at the commencement of this discussion,
05:31 Oct 4, 2011 PST
Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy One of The Makers of Modern India
Immediately he attracted the attention of the House towards a serious problem related to sanitary and environment in Howrah and compelled the State Government to take a concrete step in the matter.
10:02 Jul 1, 2011 PST
Fundamental Structures of Buddhism: Law of Change and Principle of Self-Reliance
Gautama Buddha desired and expected every human being to reach the heights of life on the basis of harmony of deeds and knowledge.
04:59 May 2, 2011 PST
Nehru's Commitment to Healthy and Fair Criticism
As far as the question of importance and significance of views or ideas is concerned, I am of the firm opinion that each and every view or idea, in one way or the other and directly or indirectly, remains important.
13:21 Apr 14, 2011 PST
Why Gandhism is Necessary Today?
One, Gandhi's life was brimming with certain universal principles or values; secondly, the impossibility to escape from the reality of universal principles or values.
16:44 Apr 12, 2011 PST
Education and Peace: A Gandhian View
Education certainly is a means to all-round progress of man. In other words, the pathway to human-development goes through the lanes of education. Moreover, true education is the sole basis of achieving one's purpose in life.
14:24 Jan 28, 2011 PST
Democracy Largely Contributes to Strengthening Communal Harmony in India
India is the largest democracy of the world. History of democracy in India goes to the remote past. This system of governance is in fact quite suitable and conducive to the nature of inhabitants of this country. Not only this, for the unity of India
05:28 Dec 14, 2010 PST
Religions of The World Teach Unity and Enlightenment
Diversity is a typical characteristic of humanity. It is a common attribute. The development of several different traditions, practices, beliefs and methods of worship originated within the various cultures in different parts of the globe from time-
20:38 Dec 12, 2010 PST
Vithalbhai J. Patel: A Great Freedom Fighter and Parliamentarian
Vithalbhai Patel was one of the front rankers leading the compatriots in their fight for freedom from colonial rule in the Indian political scene when Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi returned to India from South Africa in 1915.
15:43 Oct 15, 2010 PST
Love for Humanity: A Gandhian View
Love and affection to all humanity occupies a unique place in ancient Indian philosophy, spiritual thinking and traditions. Not only this, Gandhi stressed going forward on the pathway to love in an atmosphere of mutual respect for each-other's feel
14:54 Aug 8, 2010 PST
Thoughts on Celebrating this Sixty-Fourth Independence Day in India
Indians will celebrate their sixty-fourth Independence Day on August 15. On this occasion they will remember with one voice, and with a sense of gratitude, those hundreds and thousands of freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to liberate their
10:27 Aug 8, 2010 PST
Meaning and Purpose of Education: A Gandhian View
Mahatma Gandhi, who considered education to be a lifelong process and also as the means to unite man's all-round development, wrote in the Harijan on March 10, 1946:
09:12 Jul 19, 2010 PST
Education Leads To Peace
It is education that brings a human being out of the state of ambiguity, ignorance and perplexity that are, according to Gautama Buddha, the main causes of distress and difficulties in life. Education inspires man to follow those values, which are e
11:52 Jun 26, 2010 PST
International Seminar on Education and Peace
Like-minded, sincere and dedicated people came together in India to work at local, national and international levels for harmony, peace and unity.
16:40 May 21, 2010 PST
'Equal' and 'Equality' are Not Meaningless
Despite being the subject of refinement and analysis in prevailing circumstances of space, they are important. In this regard the following two things are of the utmost importance:
06:35 Mar 23, 2010 PST
India's Role in Global Changes
For last several years we are witnessing discourses on globalization, global changes and its effect upon individuals, societies and nations.
17:18 Feb 7, 2010 PST
Similarity Among Teachings of Religions
This being an essential condition of humankind, embracing it becomes the foremost duty of human being. That is the reason why duty also becomes connected to Dharma [religion]. Dharma
11:59 Dec 26, 2009 PST
Happy Birthday Gandhi: India and Universalism
India is a country committed to internationalism or universalism. This commitment is thousands of years old and can be well acknowledged and understood through India's ancient slogan of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'.
07:14 Oct 2, 2009 PST
India's Unity: Democracy and Minorities
India is a country of diversities. Her population is basically made up of descendants of six ethnic groups. It doesn't matter if all of them are of Indian origin or not.
07:48 Jun 12, 2009 PST
Guru Gobind Singh, Khalsa and Indian Nationalism
Guru Gobind Singh was a nationalist among the nationalists. He not only adopted the national culture in its purest form, but also worked to protect it.
16:28 Apr 12, 2009 PST
India, Its Concept of Peace and Gandhi
A tribute to Gandhi on the 61st anniversary of his death.
16:16 Jan 30, 2009 PST
China Must Develop More Cordial Relations With India
India and China are two great nations of the Asian continent. Both impact each other over events big and small that occur in any part of the continent.
07:28 Jan 25, 2009 PST
It is a Time for Patience and Action
India is a great country. Among its inhabitants are people belonging to different races, religious communities, sects and faiths.
10:29 Dec 9, 2008 PST
Jainism, Tirthankaras and the Indian Way
Any such attempt will be inappropriate; it will not be justifiable. Moreover, such an attempt will penetrate the wide scope of the Indian Way itself.
17:19 Dec 2, 2008 PST
Why I am Proud of Being an Indian!
It is evident that forbearance, tolerance and universal acceptance, along with Ahimsa, are the parts and parcels of the lives of the Indians.
11:07 Nov 11, 2008 PST
On the Occasion of Sardar Patel's Birth Anniversary
He accepted Gandhiji as his political preceptor and leader in 1918 on the eve of launch of the Kisan Satyagraha in the Kaira district of Gujarat.
10:27 Oct 30, 2008 PST
Attacks on Churches are Cowardly
The recent violent attacks on churches and killing of Christians in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa are acts of cowardice and have nothing to do with the Vedic-Hindu view of life.
13:47 Oct 13, 2008 PST
Need to Apply Gandhism in Prevailing Circumstances
Dr. Ravindra Kumar was speaking as the Chief Guest in a debate organized on the eve of Gandhi's 140th birth anniversary by KMC College of Nursing, Meerut (U.P.), India, on Gandhism and Terrorism.
09:27 Oct 10, 2008 PST
India, Gandhi and Relevance of his Ideas in the New World
For their ideas and adaptable practices after passing of hundreds of years, they are still ideal teachers for all-general and particulars.
06:58 Aug 24, 2008 PST
India's Concept of Non-Violence and Gandhi
India is a great country. Its greatness is not in name only. India is an ancient civilization; its harmonious and composite culture is thousands of years old.
07:14 Jul 26, 2008 PST
One Can Attain Spirituality and Ahimsa through Sadhana
Vishwamitra replied he had come there to kill him and asked him, 'Why you who always called me Rajarishi welcome me as Maharshi?'
16:23 Jul 22, 2008 PST
Sadhana: The Means of Spirituality and Ahimsa
Vishwamitra felt ashamed thinking that he had come to kill such a great soul who had noble ideas for him. Throwing his sword away, he went before him and saluted him with all reverence.
15:36 Jul 18, 2008 PST
Gandhi: Freedom and Democracy
But the common good can be certain when everyone is aware of his or her responsibilities, is disciplined and dedicated to the moral and ethical values.
16:35 Jun 22, 2008 PST
Problems before Society, Nation and Obligation of Intelligentsia
It is unfortunate that 40% of the people have failed to reach up to this minimum income level in our country. That evidently proves them to be below poverty line.
10:00 Jun 5, 2008 PST
Indian Culture and Social Life
How it is still in its original form before us? And what are the lessons that Indian social life has taught to the human world which are important and worth adopting?
14:56 May 15, 2008 PST
Cultural and Economic Relations between India and China
The characteristic of harmony that Indian and Chinese Cultures achieved thousand of years ago made a great impact on the other countries of the world.
04:27 May 14, 2008 PST
Welcoming Chinese Step in Current Tibet Crisis
In the same manner the Dalai Lama's positive response to the invitation and sending his two representatives to Beijing for the purpose is also a welcoming step.
03:34 May 4, 2008 PST
Bardoli Satyagraha: A Milestone of the Way of the Indian Freedom Movement
From the angle of the art of leadership, the Bardoli Satyagraha was also unique. Vallabhbhai Patel had divided all villages of the Taluka of Bardoli in 14 Satyagraha centres.
03:56 Apr 12, 2008 PST
Morality and Ethics in Public Life: a Gandhian View
Although many times both are interpreted as synonymous to the other, they are different in their meaning and scope, and thus need to be explained separately.
06:33 Apr 2, 2008 PST
Shameful Tibet Imbroglio
Day-by-day world's situation is changing. Almost all take notice of every event, big or small, doesn't matter if it occurred in any part of the glob.
08:10 Mar 18, 2008 PST
Fundamentals of Civilization
Hundreds of thousands of years have passed since man has lived along with the creatures of different shape, size and kind. It is generally acknowledged that every being has a soul.
08:26 Mar 16, 2008 PST
Morality: A Fundamental of Civilization Dedicated to Human Welfare
Since morality remained dedicated to human welfare, and played important role in making and unmaking of various civilizations, it is necessary that we should get introduced to the meaning of morality.
05:56 Mar 9, 2008 PST
How Shameful are Suicide Incidents of the Indian Farmers!
This is just an example pertaining to the contribution of rural-masses and peasantry to the national liberation movement of India. India became politically free in 1947.
11:41 Feb 13, 2008 PST
Mahatma Gandhi and His Quest for Self-Realization
The world is entrapped in gross materialism. Man has become as selfish as to have utter disregard for others - whether individuals or a societies or nations.
11:12 Jan 30, 2008 PST
Youths in The Nation Building
A nation will add a feather to its cap and process of its development will continue if its ambitious, agile and strong youths are guided on the right direction.
09:42 Jan 20, 2008 PST
War and Peace in Relation to Religion
I have always been very much interested in any of the subjects or topics related to 'War and Peace in Relation to Religion', as it contextual and important.
10:47 Jan 13, 2008 PST
Necessity of Religion
I vividly remember that day of August 1998 when Maothong asked me, 'What is the necessity of religion?' i.e. 'Can't we live without religion?'
10:48 Jan 5, 2008 PST
Role of Religion in Human Life
What a childishness those people display who try to subdue or deny the role of religion in human life, or even brand religion as unnecessary.
12:25 Dec 15, 2007 PST
Gandhism in Responding to Conflicts
My nativevillage [Kakrauli in Muzaffar Nagar district in Northern India] hasinhabitants belonging to different Castes, Sub-castes,religious-communities, races and sects.
16:14 Nov 20, 2007 PST
Sardar Patel's Honesty is a Lesson for Those in Public Life
Being honest is a great quality; no one can deny it. But today if people in public life practice pure honesty, this should be considered as something extraordinary.
07:06 Oct 29, 2007 PST
Broad-Minded US People Deserve to be Congratulated
In a democratic set-up, it does not matter if the majority plays the vital role in the formation of the government, or if the majority of elected representatives govern the state.
10:34 Oct 25, 2007 PST
Gandhi's Philosophy of Ahimsa and Its Application to Current Conflicts
And, that is why; Gandhian philosophy or Gandhism, which is an amalgam of Mahatma Gandhi's views and practices, revolves around Ahimsa-the non-violence.
09:17 Oct 14, 2007 PST
Common Features of The Cultures of India and Thailand
Simultaneously, it is culture which provides knowledge of those basic sacraments of inhabitants of a region or the nation which guide their lives.
13:02 Sep 27, 2007 PST
Mahatma Gandhi and Higher Education: A Critical Analysis
Today, there is a large crowd and a lot of competition for getting admission in colleges and universities. It is very true in the case of higher education.
09:46 Sep 9, 2007 PST
China-India: Sore Need of Trust for Productive Results
If China is sincere in cooperating, doing business or in resolving all disputes with India, it has to create an atmosphere of trust by giving up the policy of breaking it's word.
10:09 Sep 1, 2007 PST

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