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King Nazir Muhammad

King Nazir Muhammad is a revolutionary artist and activist who wants to break the stereotype that ancient thinking has placed on all people, and his first concern is with the group in which he belongs.

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Every Black Male Should Become A Criminal
King Nazir Muhammad says crime pays for black men, and he proves it by showing the benefits for black me who want a vacation on the taxpayer's dime.
18:15 Feb 11, 2016 PST
#Black Lives Don't Matter - Because 'We Are Not Human'
All around the world, blacks are victims to mass slaughter, by the hands of other races and by their own people, but this is not new.
02:53 Dec 29, 2015 PST
New Religion Plans 'A Million Women's March' in 2016
This March will demonstrate to the nation that black women are interested in moving forward on their own and black men are not invited and not wanted.
14:49 Dec 22, 2015 PST
Indicting 'Black America' for Crimes Against Humanity
The members of the religion of power make it known that a criminal indictment has come down in the form of the last revelation to their Prophet Muhammad.
21:42 Dec 4, 2015 PST
INTERVIEW: If I Were Adolf Hitler
King Nazir Muhammad asks what would Hitler do? It seems rather weird, but some of this is already happening in the world without Hitler.
22:56 Nov 20, 2015 PST
TOP SECRET: Asian Women - A Black Man's Savior?
King Nazir Muhammad tells black men that if they are lucky to gain an Asian girl's love, don't blow it, because you've just found perfection.
13:44 Nov 11, 2015 PST
American Women Find 'Muslim Men' Very Attractive
A new study from interviewing women across America shows that many women of all nationalities find Muslim men to be very attractive.
16:08 Oct 30, 2015 PST
Prophet Muhammad Requires Followers To Vote Republican
Prophet Muhammad mandates that all followers of the religion of power must vote Republican, because Republicans, not democrats have supported blacks.
05:38 Oct 6, 2015 PST
2015 The Last Year of Black Masculinity
King Nazir Muhammad examines the Question of why men feel the need to abuse women? He says there is a deeper reason to this sickness than we think.
16:57 Sep 23, 2015 PST
The Fall of The Black Woman in America
King Nazir Muhammad says from the time African slaves reached the shores of America, the Black Woman has been the figurehead for the African American race.
17:35 Sep 11, 2015 PST
God is The Government, The Government is God
Prophet King Nazir Muhammad reveals God, to the followers of the Religion of Power, which does not deal with the hocus pocus of other religious teachings.
15:42 Sep 2, 2015 PST
Enacting The 'Common Courtesy Law' in America
The Religion of Power believes this law will help all people to be civil to everyone else, thereby empowering people, rather than tearing them down.
22:14 Aug 17, 2015 PST
Would Barack Obama Be President If His Mother Was Black ?
Behind every great man is a woman, and mother, because President Obama would be nothing without the teachings of his mother, The Great Ann Dunham.
19:40 Aug 11, 2015 PST
Black Women Are Destroying America's Youth
Black women are bad parents because they take no real interest in their male children, and help destroy the relationship with the father when they break up.
20:38 Aug 9, 2015 PST
Blacks Should 'Thank White America' For Slavery
Thanks to slavery, Black Americans lack nothing but the will to use what they have learned to build and manage any land they desire inhabit.
07:03 Aug 5, 2015 PST
Prince Nominated For 'The Most Beautiful Man in The World'
The Religion of Power nominates its honored Prophet - The Rock Icon PRINCE as the most beautiful man in the world, an obvious choice, in a class of his own.
05:16 Jul 30, 2015 PST
Black Men vs. White Men: Who is The Better Man?
King Nazir Muhammad reviews black men and white men, to see who is the better man, the Black Man or the White Man? An the answer to that question is...
05:53 Jul 24, 2015 PST
Introducing 'Literary Crack' Into The Inner Cities
Racism is a real and natural human condition that we will never escape, black people must stop being afraid to be racist. Everything in nature is racist.
16:37 Jul 22, 2015 PST
Mandatory Life Insurance Law: Blacks Must 'Pay To Live' in America
King Nazir Muhammad asks what is a black life worth? He says a mandatory life insurance law will finally make black lives worth something.
17:06 Jul 15, 2015 PST
Indicting Louis Farrakhan for the Murder of Malcolm X
Malcolm X was gunned down in front of his wife and daughters by members of the black Muslim group, The Nation of Islam, and they should pay for that.
20:37 Jul 6, 2015 PST
Religious Segregation: A Message To Black People in America
King Nazir Muhammad calls on black people to leave their religious organizations and join the Religion of Power, the most effective black power movement.
18:28 Jun 23, 2015 PST
Blood Banks , DNA and The Michael Jackson Effect
Everything we are resides in our DNA. And if my findings on The Creation of the Dog Man is True, it now applies to more than just Africans.
12:13 Apr 1, 2015 PST
The Tea Party: Racists or Just Concerned Citizens?
King Nazir Muhammad looks at the state of the country and society that is in total chaos, because there is no structure and people don't care.
21:55 Aug 28, 2014 PST
The Good Side of Human Cloning
King Nazir Muhammad thinks cloning should be feared, the fantasy element should be takes out of it and see it for what it represents - rebirth.
07:41 Aug 28, 2014 PST
Who Really Killed Trayvon Martin?
King Nazir Muhammad suggests who really killed Trayvon Martin is those who have no education other than street deception, and those who did not have a positive, law abiding, confident male role model.
05:30 Jul 13, 2014 PST
How To Approach The Case for African American Reparations
King Nazir Muhammad says African Americans should seek reparations, and he discovers who the real culprits are, and they need to pay for the harm they caused.
05:54 Apr 19, 2014 PST
We Are The Left Behind
Revolutionary King Nazir Muhammad controversially sees a conspiracy by the elites, against the people, to bring on the end of the world as we know it.
14:33 Mar 19, 2014 PST
It's Not 'Cool' to Be a Republican
If the republicans dont get with the program, there wont be a republican party in the future.
07:23 Aug 29, 2011 PST
Warren Jeffs: The Modern Day Charles Manson
But this guy is getting a movie and a book deal and alot of media coverage because he is White. But my advice to all americans is to dust off your bibles and read about the Anti-Christ, they say he will be perverted and his followers will be pervert
06:41 Aug 17, 2011 PST
Casey Anthony is Crazy
The media has been following this case for years and now we are at the point when speculation is put to rest and all of the unknown facts are starting to come out.
15:22 May 27, 2011 PST
Americans Use 'Disability Benefits' as Medium to Get Illegal Drugs
These addicts are illegally feeling good and the government is blindly funding crime all at the same time. Many of these addicts will say that they cannot stop their addiction. Then you are able to seek out a licensed psychiatrist and get your 'leg
10:28 May 21, 2011 PST
'Black America' The New Targets of Al-Qaeda
The message is now clear to the Arab world that the blacks are so dependent on the capitalist system that we too will kill for it. But I say to black America that there are some people that you should NOT kill and some wars that you should NOT fight
10:56 May 11, 2011 PST
The Creation of The Dog Man
This is not a matter of race hatred but a matter of science and the role that science has played in the creation of a race thats soul purpose was to 'obey its master'.
17:21 Jan 20, 2011 PST
Western Education is Detrimental to Black Minds
Although there are drugs that can surpress these symptoms, the cure is for Blacks to abandon the persuit of all forms of western education and embrace the fact that ignorance is bliss.
05:53 Jan 14, 2011 PST
Breaking News: Prince to Record 'New' National Anthem?
Controversial Author, Poet and Activist, King Nazir Muhammad has told that he is in talks with pop superstar Prince to record a 'new' U.S. National Anthem.
13:47 Nov 19, 2010 PST
I am a Muslim But I don't Hate the Great America
I just want to tell the Americans not to hate Muslims. Yes Islam is a radical religion and needs to be reformed. It doesn't mean just because we are Muslims we hate America.
05:32 Nov 19, 2010 PST
George W. Bush for President in 2012
In other countries Presidents can stay in office for a lifetime, but America only keeps them in 4 to 8 years, this should change.
11:47 Nov 15, 2010 PST
There are Terrorists Right in Our Backyard
Why are they not the main focus of this war on terror in a country that clearly despises terrorism? The government has spent trillions of dollars and lost thousands of troops to help rid Iraq of terrorists
17:19 Nov 5, 2010 PST

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