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Dinesh Sharma, Ph.D.

Dinesh Sharma is the author of "Barack Obama in Hawaii and Indonesia: The Making of a Global President," which was rated as the Top 10 Black history books for 2012. His next book on President Obama, "Crossroads of Leadership: Globalization and American Exceptionalism in the Obama Presidency," is due to be published with Routledge Press

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Obama For India
Obama connected India with the US in a seamless manner, creating linkages between caste and race, gender equality with democracy, poverty and economic opportunity.
13:45 Jan 30, 2015 PST
The Hindu Freud
Dinesh Sharma reviews Sudhir Kakar, the leading Indian psychoanalyst, who positioned himself at the borderland between East and West.
06:11 Dec 31, 2014 PST
Siddarth Film Review
There are 60 million child laborers in India. It routinely sacrifices a percentage of the young population to fuel its growth and the need for cheap labor.
00:22 Jun 29, 2014 PST
Modi's Trillion Dollar Arm vs. The Global Obama
Dinesh Sharma says Narendra Modi, India's new Prime Minister elect will be welcome while he pitches his development agenda to grow the Indian economy.
04:56 May 21, 2014 PST
Rebooting Rockefeller
Dinesh Sharma says given the depth of Asia Society's cultural legacy, it may not be an exaggeration to suggest, Asia Society's Policy Institute may be attempting to reboot Rockefeller's second Asian century.
21:17 Apr 17, 2014 PST
Running Towards India's National Trauma
A film that retells the story of India's national trauma (1947 Partition), plus the psychological trauma suffered by India's best known individual track and field athlete India, Milkha Singh
06:48 Jul 12, 2013 PST
Hollywood Bets on Itself and the Future
Academy Awards rewarded 'Argo' and 'Life of Pi' for their global appeal to audiences. Argo, as a counterpoint to Zero Dark Thirty, suggests that any conflict with Iran in the future can be peacefully resolved moving forward, while Life of Pi gat
16:46 Feb 26, 2013 PST
India's First 3-D Animation is an Eco-Friendly Lion King, On Oscar Shortlist
On the heels of modest success of animation films like 'Hanuman' and 'Roadside Romeo' India has produced its first 3-D stereoscopic animation feature, which bodes to be India's 'Lion King' of animation films.
04:10 Dec 6, 2012 PST
Talaash: Aamir Khan in Search of a Ghost
The story revolves around the accidental death of an actor, who dies mysteriously in a car crash by literally driving into the sea - without any alcohol or intoxication, roadside collision, or passengers in the car.
13:06 Nov 29, 2012 PST
Magical Mystery Polls and the Changing Demographics of America
Predictably, the futures trading sites, such as InTrade and Iowa Electronic Market, have also given the president an edge.
05:57 Nov 6, 2012 PST
007 Tackles Cyber Terrorism between London and South China Sea
Skyfall is a reflection of a meltdown in the Eurozone, where an aging 007 has to fight-off not only his 'accidental' death but the utter of collapse of MI6, the intelligence agency he has represented for more than 50 years.
04:55 Nov 2, 2012 PST
Romney Folds On Foreign Policy
Dinesh Sharma, Ph.D. dissects the final Obama-Romney debate performance, pointing out points of difference.
17:10 Oct 23, 2012 PST

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