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Abukar Arman, Somalia Correspondent

Abukar Arman is a political analyst whose articles are internationally published. Abukar Arman is Somalia's Special Envoy to the United States, living in Ohio. Abukar writes about issues that affect Somalia and its people and the relationship between Somalia and the USA.

Contact Abukar Arman on Twitter: @AbukarArman

The Egyptian General's Pretext
Unless it is averted by transcendental intervention or the effort of those who influence the Egyptian Army, the stage is set for bloody massacres, or worse, a civil war.
06:07 Jul 26, 2013 PST
Somalia and the Slippery Slope of Jubbaland
Two contending men with heavily armed militias have each declared himself the 'President of Jubbaland' (and a third one has declared himself as the President of Wamoland.)
09:33 May 22, 2013 PST
Somalia Conference and Rivalry of Civilizations
Was this the result of collective amnesia, or was it a deliberate action articulated in a carefully crafted language? If I were a betting person, I'd go with the latter.
20:01 May 14, 2013 PST
Terrorism and Mock Media
It could be that these express narratives were not in any way intended for political or security expedience and that they were all evidence-based, but...
10:33 May 5, 2013 PST
Somalia, US, And The Dual-Track Letdown
Somalia in particular and the Horn of Africa in general are at such a volatile stage that any misstep - domestic or foreign - could only further exacerbate that perilous condition.
14:51 Aug 14, 2011 PST
Peace, Security, and the Upshot of Political Subjugation
IGAD was right in describing Somalia's still-raging political fire as a situation likely to pose a serious threat to the stability of the region and perhaps beyond.
03:42 Jul 10, 2010 PST
The Muffled Screams of Gaza
The mission was led by Judge Richard Goldstone, former member of the South African Constitutional Court and former Chief Prosecutor of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.
18:16 Jan 19, 2010 PST
Bridges of Rhetoric and Suspicion
Starting with his inauguration speech in which he stressed on the importance of relaxing the defensive posture so that the demonization process could stop.
12:56 Aug 14, 2009 PST
The Belligerence of Oppression
Whether or not President-elect Barack Obama would bring fresh ideas that can pave the way for lasting peace between Israel and Palestine is yet to be seen.
04:40 Dec 31, 2008 PST
Somali Piracy and the Enchanting Water Circus
These lucrative enterprises have steadily soared in the past two decades while Somalia was rapidly descending into a deadly spiral of anarchy.
03:23 Dec 1, 2008 PST
Somalia: The Specter of Detrimental Trusteeship
This is articulated in its National Security Policy and Strategy posted on the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Foreign Affairs website.
03:11 Nov 11, 2008 PST
Somalia after the Ethiopian Occupation
Ethiopian occupation of Somalia, failed US foreign policy...
11:36 Oct 27, 2008 PST
Islamophobia Run Amok
With few exceptions, gone are the days when the perpetrators of hate would march with banners explicitly expressing their bigoted perceptions and attitudes.
03:24 Sep 24, 2008 PST
External Factors and the Prospect of Peace in Somalia
No objective individual would disagree that the commonsensical approach to problem-solving is to first identify the problem, then tackle it at its source.
14:34 Aug 11, 2008 PST
Islam In The Age of Extremism
It is the impetus pushing lawlessness, gluttonous greed and downright disregarding of human rights. It is a massive boulder blocking the path to peace.
10:46 Apr 8, 2008 PST
The Role of People of Conscience in Cultivating Peace and Preventing Human Rights Abuse
The full text of a message (the Somali plight) delivered at the 5th Annual Martin Luther King Human Rights Forum held on Jan 17th, 2008 at the MLK Center in Atlanta, Georgia by Abukar Arman.
06:38 Feb 15, 2008 PST
Engaging Somalia Via The Road Least Traveled
Worsening conditions for the ailing nation of Somalia, costly quagmire for Ethiopia and political wild-goose chase that produced a new hotbed of Anti-Americanism in the Horn for the US.
04:36 Jan 7, 2008 PST

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