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A poet-photographer, he frames and shoots these rotting ties, trestles, and rusting bridges with the patience and love of a poet listening to his muse, capturing the haunted quality of this New York river valley.
12:50 Jan 29, 2012
The Hungarian poet Miklos Radnoti was murdered by Nazi collaborators. His body was later found in a mass grave with 10 final poems in his raincoat.
10:55 Dec 15, 2011
Who is that up and coming poet coming straight out of Queens, NY that's here to give you the best poems ever.
17:11 Dec 2, 2011
This is a poem about the beauty of the night, by Anna-Stina Johansson, the NewsBlaze Laplander.
21:04 Nov 26, 2011
Edited by poet and Hollywood Sentinel publisher Bruce Edwin, the new poetry section will feature the greatest poetry from the greatest of poets, renown and unknown, from around the world.
15:54 Nov 25, 2011
This is a reminder that as a race not just one particular colour, we should aim to make something good of our lives for the betterment of ourselves and others. Let us put aside the hate and hurt that so often divides us.
05:40 Nov 2, 2011
God is our refuge and a very present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear, even though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea.
13:46 Sep 11, 2011
A glance at what poetry means to a collective of Roehampton university, old students and current.
12:35 Sep 8, 2011
Poets Worldwide Unite for the Truly Historic '100 Thousand Poets for Change' Event
15:41 Aug 9, 2011
American poetry tends to commemorate the ordinary, striving to use plain language and to avoid references to things readers may not know. Gjertrud Schnackenberg's 'Heavenly Questions' breaks out of this mold with breathtaking grandeur and breadth
14:47 Jul 26, 2011
A stroll down the main street of Hudson, New York, prompts prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook to meditate on our culture's values. Here in the midst of this famous antique venue a book fair was also underway.
17:38 May 23, 2011
When another author, Dan Baum, called Djelloul Marbrook's novel, 'Saraceno,' a prose poem, Marbrook began meditating on the nature of prose and poetry and arrived at some provocative conclusions, expressed here.
12:01 Apr 30, 2011
National Poetry Month offers a moment to ask ourselves whether we're also celebrating dangerous, subversive, ball-breaking poetry. Or are we just celebrating safe, anecdotal, 'accessible' poetry?
08:20 Apr 17, 2011
Frida Kahlo painted with a unique brush. Now British poet Pascale Petit gives the great Mexican painter a unique voice in 52 poems that eerily resonate with Kahlo's vivid way of painting.
13:52 Apr 15, 2011
Powerful, sometimes subtle emotions, Leo's images strike sparks into the imagination, and wonder leaves us yearning to see more. Beautiful things we are or wish to become, freedom in bronze, crystal, silver and oil paint, you may rise lightly, read
20:33 Apr 14, 2011
Poetry isn't about recognition and the praise of readers, it's about saying one thing so essential that the world can no longer be imagined in its absence.Here are two poets whose work illustrates the point: Environmental scientist Paul Clemente a
16:12 Apr 4, 2011
Her collections of poetry, plays, essays and recitations during 'mushairas' are among of the list of her achievements. It will take a while before we begin to fathom the extent of her understanding and vastness of her vision.
06:18 Feb 28, 2011
'I just don't trust the authorized version of anything,' he says, and reading the wrong way strips out whatever sanctimony there is in a piece of writing.
12:32 Feb 24, 2011
Why does a poet do what he does, and how does he do it? These questions are explored. No self-respecting library should be without 'Poetry In Person,' edited by Alexander Neubauer.
08:20 Feb 12, 2011
We don't read about the insidious terrorist activities in China. How has that populous country avoided the Muslim Jihad?
05:52 Dec 31, 2010

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