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Letters to the Editor

Many see this as a trend of disenfranchised, antisocial misfits with no identity. We, the freedom lovers, paint them as narcissistic sociopathic orphans lacking empathy, and certainly there is some truth in the one sided approach.
07:31 Jan 27, 2015
The World Health Organization's polio vaccination program in Pakistan is causing gross human rights violations in the name of polio eradication.
04:25 Jan 23, 2015
A reader says President Obama needs to take High School Civics again. The Obama Caesar complex makes him think he is running an imperial presidency.
04:54 Nov 7, 2014
A readers writes to say he is unhappy about the Commander in Chief being more interested in playing golf than addressing any of the crises confronting our nation.
00:57 Aug 25, 2014
We are condemning our children and grandchildren to poverty and insurmountable debt. It is true that we will not be around to face their wrath. However it might be nice to think that they would thank us rather than hate us.
09:37 Oct 12, 2013
Who is up in the polls and down? I am not sure the American people see it as a game? It is possible that they view uncontrolled government spending as irresponsible and dangerous?
16:28 Oct 8, 2013
Obama and Kerry, the peace doves go through a Jeckyl and Hyde transformation, to become war hawks, now they have the power to kill others.
08:38 Aug 31, 2013
Urgent Message to Those Who Voted in Favor of the Release of the Convicted Terrorist Murderers
18:11 Aug 11, 2013
A reader asks if anyone believes the Obama administration, after so many lies, excuses, scandals and so many unbelievable or irresponsible explanations.
10:16 Aug 4, 2013
How is Paula Deen's thirty year of transgression greater than a nine month old murder case? Am I the only one confused?
13:23 Jun 30, 2013
Possessing a Top Secret (level 3) clearance does not entitle a person access to unlimited information; it allows some qualification to be briefed on a given program.
13:15 Jun 17, 2013
This appears to be exactly what the program is supposed to catch.
10:22 Jun 9, 2013
Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman who testified to Congress that 'no targeting' occurred on his watch is home free.
11:44 May 21, 2013
Now eight months later we are told 'it was a long time ago' and 'what difference does it make.' Is any surprise that people don't believe the administration and the media?
12:27 May 14, 2013
Everyone seems to agree that the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings are despicable people. Killing innocent women and children, wounding and maiming of many more is horrendous.
10:33 Apr 21, 2013
'Breaking News' has become more important than the accurate news. Some blame the twenty four hour news cycle, others blame the internet. People like me no longer believe what they see and hear on the news. I feel somewhat vindicated.
10:02 Apr 20, 2013
We hear former president Jimmy Carter plans to visit Nepal. Carter wants to support another CA election to continue the crisis.
20:39 Mar 25, 2013
Does anyone believe that a .1% cut in the rate of growth will cause the government to shut down? Does anyone believe that there is less than .1% of waste and duplication in government?
13:15 Mar 11, 2013
The story of the people of Ukraine, against a government that does not care about the people, and is more interested in the money it could make from a global oil company
06:20 Mar 9, 2013
Dr. Syed Ghulamnabi Fai, serving time in US Federal Prison, writes about the unsolved Kashmir problem, in talks that always exclude the people of Kashmir
17:04 Jan 19, 2013

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