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Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.

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Crossfire War: Tehran Watch; 3 Explosions Timed for Maximum Death

Crossfire War - TEHRAN WATCH: South Asia Theatre; New Delhi/Islamabad - Tehran - 3 Explosions Timed for Maximum Death - Right Before Hindu/Muslim Festivals - Masques Come Off
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Crossfire War: Middle East Theatre; Paris Pursues its Obsession

Middle East Theatre; Middle East/Europe - Paris Pursues its Obsession - Directing the Bush Administration - UN - Islamic Agent of Mis-Information - Tehran - Riyadh
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Crossfire War: British Turning Basra Over to Islamic Militias

Middle East Theatre; Iraq - British Turning Basra Over to Islamic Militias (Tehran) - Consequences of Constitutional Vote - Religious Rule Could Create Problems and Chaos Throughout Entire Region
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Crossfire War: Eurasian Theatre; In Service to Tehran

Crossfire War: Eurasian Theatre; Moscow/Astana - Sworn to Ignorance - Three Sec. of State Have Controlled Panic Breakfast - Combined Corruption Confidence - In Service to Tehran

Crossfire War: Beijing – Premier Wen Jiabao Under Severe Criticism

Crossfire War: East Asia Theatre; Beijing - Serious Divisions Emerge Within China's Government During 5th Plenum of the 16th Central Committee - Premier Wen Jiabao Under Severe Criticism

Crossfire War: An Evening in the Garden of Sudan’s Head of...

An evening gathering in the garden of Sudan's intelligence chief was the setting of a pretense, a show of support for counterterroism.

Crossfire War: Bush Administration Writes Israel Off – Tells Them –...

Occasionally one comes across information that is especially revealing concerning the decison making level. It gives you more of an idea of what to expect as the crisis deepens.

Crossfire War: Al-Qaeda Now Within Striking Distance of Suez Canal

Al Qaeda has established a local terror network in Northern Sinai - centering on el Arish and in strongholds in the inaccessible central mountains of the peninsula around Jebel Hillal.

Crossfire War: NW China/Xinjiang Province (East Turkestan) – “Time Bomb”

The World Uighur Congress issued a statement regarding China's 50th anniversary celebration of Beijing's rule over East Turkestan and re-naming it Xinjiang Province.

Crossfire War: Palestine – Ceausescu Advised Arafat – PRC his Terror...

As Hamas becomes more political, 'moderate', look for the emergence of a new miliant presence, the Popular Resistance Committees to take responsibility for future acts of terrorism.

Crossfire War: Bangladesh has 15000 Private and 9000 Government Madrasas

Crossfire War: South Asia; Bangladesh - 15,000 Unregistered, Privately Controlled Qaumi Madrasas in the Country - 9,000 Government Funded Aliya Madrasas

Crossfire War: Afghanistan – 150 Warlord, Taliban Candidates – Tehran Influence

Among the 150 warlords who used the election to retain their influence included some who were implicated in the civil war of the early 1990's that devastated so much of the country...

Crossfire War: Explosion in British Embassy, Zagreb – Message from Tehran

The day after Iran's President arrives back from his nation's triumph at the UN, an explosion in the British Embassy, Zagreb, could be a Special Delivery Message from Tehran.
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Crossfire War: Russian Expert Says U. S. Has 16 Iran Policies

Crossfire War: Eurasia; Moscow - Russian Expert States U. S. Has 16 Policies Regarding Iran - The Grand Confusion

Crossfire War: Iran Offers Nuclear Weaponry to Islamic Countries

Iran Offers Nuclear Weaponry to Islamic Governments that Support Jihad. Though Ahmadinejad maintained the official line, this statement is part of Iran's strategy of deception.
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Crossfire War: Malacca Strait – Joint Air Patrols Instituted by Four...

Crossfire War: Southeast Asia; Malacca Strait - Joint Air Patrols Instituted by Four Nations Guarding the Strait - Australia Offers Assistance
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Crossfire War: Small Arms Trade $2-10 Billion a Year – Increase...

Crossfire War: Eurasia; Black Market Trade in Small Arms Range from $2-10 Billion a Year - Adding to Increase of Terrorists - Kamala Sarup
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Crossfire War: SE Asia; Kuala Lumpur Unaware Langkawi is a Militant...

Crossfire War: Southeast Asia; Thailand/Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur States it is Unaware of Langkawi Island Being a Base for Islamic Militants

Crossfire War: Syria – Assad Urges Palestinian Militant Groups to Close...

Middle East; Syria - President Assad Meets with Leaders of 10 Palestinian Militant Groups Based in Syria - Urges Them to Close Ranks

Crossfire War: South Asia; Maoist War Fuels HIV/AIDS Crisis in Nepal

When the economy and the social infrastructure are destroyed, and male heads of households are missing, women carry a disproportionate burden as single-parent heads of families.