Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Charles Nichols is the president of California Right To Carry, in Redondo Beach California, a proponent of open carry. Charles follows court cases relating to The Second Amendment and tells us what they really mean.

Supreme Court May Have Finally Found Its Next Second Amendment Case

The question for the court is simple. Is the possession or carrying of a firearm by default lawful or unlawful under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments?

National Rifle Association Drops Lawsuit against San Francisco

Having read so many of their briefs I can predict one of the things NRA lawyers will say in their challenge to the City of Los Angeles magazine ban.

The Future of the Second Amendment in California and Hawaii

One can only hope that the en banc decision is published soon but there is no time limit for the court to issue its decision and may take years.

The Future of Open Carry in California Looks Bright

Will liberal judges uphold a 1967 ban on openly carrying loaded firearms enacted specifically to prevent Blacks and other minorities from openly carrying?

State of California Concedes Second Amendment Extends Outside the Home

Circuit Judge Carlos Bea asked California Solicitor General to clarify that the Second Amendment core right defined in the Supreme Court Heller decision can apply outside the home.

Second Amendment En Banc Decision Expected This Summer

A majority decision of the 11 judge en banc panel of the 9th Circuit in the combined cases of Peruta v. San Diego and Richards v. Prieto requires six votes

NRA Opposes Open Carry – NRA Now Takes Credit for Texas...

Charles Nichols reports that the NRA, which opposed Open Carry, claims credit for the law - openly carrying loaded firearms in public for self-defense.

Four Years Ago Today: Is Open Carry The Right Guaranteed By...

The battle continues. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Judge granted my Amicus motion in the combined en banc cases of Peruta v. San Diego and Richards v. Prieto

Federal Judge Issues Injunction Against Ban on Publicly Carrying Loaded Firearms

As it is illegal to possess a firearm in public for the purpose of self-defense in California, it is impossible to use one for self-defense unless it falls from the sky.

CA Attorney General Says Second Amendment Justifies Racist Law

After the Los Angeles Watts' Riot of 1965, two Black men formed the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in Oakland California. On several occasions they and their supporters confronted police and government officials while openly bearing arms.