Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Krzys Wasilewski

Krzys Wasilewski, while living in Poland, completing his masters degree in International Relations, was seduced by English Literature.

Georgia and Russia on the Brink of War

Georgian forces are reported to have attacked the rebelled province of South Ossetia on Friday.

China, a Problematic Partner: Where Does The US Stand?

China has always been a problematic partner for the United States. Where does the incumbent cabinet stand? The problem is that neither President George W. Bush nor his secretaries can answer this question.

Internet Can Kill in Iran

In Iran, where the government controls every sphere of life, the Internet is perceived not as something positive, but as a serious danger to the entire system.

A Pensioner’s Adventure: Stuart Hill is Something of An American Pioneer

The British rule came to the Shetlands in the 15th century, when a Danish king pawned the islands, desperately needing money for his daughter's dowry.

Watch Out! Kids Are Attacking!

With school over for summer, hordes of wild and bored teenagers roam the streets of London and other cities, remorselessly hunting down new victims.

Facebook For Catholics

The Internet with its hundreds of millions of users is what the tropical jungles of Latin America were for the Church two centuries ago.

Ireland Says No To Europe

Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty. The first unofficial results show that the Thursday referendum produced a strong 'No' to the document reforming the European Union.

Judas Was Really a Bad Guy

Two years later, though, most experts agree that the so-called Gospel of Judas depicts the unfaithful apostle as exactly that: a traitorous, selfish, and fallen human being.

America and Europe United Against Iran

Iran must give up its nuclear program and start cooperation with other nations, President Bush said Tuesday during his visit to Slovenia.

Who Wants To Adopt a Country?

Most experts say that Kiribati will sooner or later go under water, global warming notwithstanding.