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Krzys Wasilewski, while living in Poland, completing his masters degree in International Relations, was seduced by English Literature.

Burma Needs Condoms More Than Food, Says UN

UNFPA says that vast access to condoms and other forms of contraception is essential to keep the HIV virus in Burma at the present low level.

Americans May Soon Need Visas to Visit Europe

Soon this futuristic scene may become reality as the European Parliament is growing increasingly irritated with U.S. immigration policies.

America Is Racist (According to the United Nations)

The United Nations is launching an investigation into alleged racism in the United States. It is not the United States that is racist; it's the United Nations.

Indiana Jones Makes Archeology Popular Again

If the Jurassic Park series made millions of kids fall in love with ugly and terrifying dinosaurs, then Harrison Ford may turn archeology into the most popular course on college campuses.

Abortion: European Genocide?

Europe is facing extinction, alarms a study prepared by a Spanish nongovernmental organization. Fewer and fewer children are born every year as Europeans focus on their careers and personal benefits.

The Cooling Effect of Sodium

Since the first civilian reactor was built in Russia in 1954, nuclear power plants have undergone several changes. The main technology, however, remained the same.

The Vatican Welcomes Aliens

First and foremost I believe in God as the creator of the world, states Fr. Jose Gabriel Funes who heads the Vatican Observatory.

Irena Sendler, Her Heart Has Rested But Her Spirit Lives On

Irena Sendler, whose bravery and sacrifice saved 2,500 Jewish children from gas chambers, died on Monday in her Warsaw apartment.

Condoms Rock! But You Should Still Stop

Promote abstinence instead of condoms, encourages a Harvard study. In some African countries where sexual purity was widely advertised, the pandemic of AIDS has significantly decreased.

Parents Fight Over Life of Their Daughter

When does life end and death begin? This difficult question will have to be answered soon by the parents of a 23-year-old girl who has been put on a breathing machine for almost two years.

Geopolitics in Myanmar

What if Myanmar led to World War III? With over 80,000 people killed and almost two million left homeless, Myanmar teeters on the edge of collapse.

Chinese Cyber Army Cocked and Loaded

While Russia and the United States spend billions of dollars on new submarines and air fighters, the Chinese army heavily invests in computer experts.

You Think Gas Is Too Expensive? Visit Europe

Even in poorer European Union countries such as Poland with the average income three times as low as in the United States, one liter - or one fourth of a gallon - of unleaded gas costs over $2.

Amy Winehouse Arrested by London Police, No No No

Amy Winehouse, the 25-year-old British singer and fourth time winner of the 2008 Grammy Awards, was arrested Wednesday by the metropolitan police.

Want To Work in Great Britain? Learn English!

Immigrants who want to work in Great Britain will soon be required to have the basic knowledge of the English language, informs the Guardian newspaper.

Drunk Kuwaiti Threatened To Kill Israeli Teenagers

A man who abducted two Israelis and one Brazilian in a Warsaw hotel on Monday and threatened to detonate explosives is reported to be a son of the Kuwaiti ambassador to Poland, informs the Associated Press.

Art Hurts: Body Carving

To be fashionable means to suffer. But how far can people go in their constant pursuit of trendiness and individuality? The rising popularity of body carving proves that the limits have yet to be set.

Kurds Rebel Against US Forces

Kurdish rebels announced on Monday that they would start attacking U.S. targets in Iraq. It is their response to a Turkish air strike that, with Washington's tacit support, killed over 150 Kurds on Friday.

US Doctors Prescribe Drugs Too Often

American children take anti-psychotic drugs more often than their counterparts in Europe, says a recent British study. The number of juvenile patients using the drugs has doubled in five years.

Germany Fears Renewed Nationalism

Germany is fed up with her troublesome past: more than half of the 83 million Germans do not want special relations with Israel.