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Kam Williams is a popular and top NewsBlaze reviewer, our chief critic. Kam gives his unvarnished opinion on movies, DVDs and books, plus many in-depth and revealing celebrity interviews.

Sadly, Lloyd Kam Williams passed away in 2019, leaving behind a huge body of work focused on America’s black entertainment community. We were as sad to hear of his passing as we were overjoyed to have him as part of our team.

The 10 Best, No the 100 Best Films of 2006

Since I don't see myself as serving as a marketing arm of the entertainment conglomerates, I acknowledge 100 films, including independents, documentaries, and foreign language offerings

Book Review: Paying for College without Going Broke 2007 Edition

Getting into college is one thing, being able to pay for it is quite another. The average annual cost of tuition and fees at a private university is currently over $30,000.
tears of the black tiger

Tears of the Black Tiger (Fah Talai Jone): Movie Review

Anybody wondering whether Brokeback Mountain might have signaled the demise of the spaghetti Western need only check out Tears of the Black Tiger to see that the genre is alive.
God Grew Tired

Documentary Again Chronicles the Adjustment to America of Lost Boys of...

I've heard of remakes before, but God Grew Tired of Us is the first remake of a documentary I can ever remember.
freedom writers

Teacher Uses Holocaust to Inspire Inner-City Kids to Overcome the Odds

Directed by Richard LaGraenese, the film features Hilary Swank delivering as impressive a performance as her Oscar-winning outings in Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby.

Mediocre Magic Movie Makes It to DVD: DVD Review

Unless I'm missing something, magicians aren't really able to perform supernatural feats. Their acts, relying on sleight of hand and other distractions, are every bit as phony as that of psychics and professional wrestlers.
Color of the Cross.com

DVD Epic Suggests Jesus Was Black and the Victim of Bias...

Was Jesus a black man? He might have been, yet Hollywood has never seen fit to make a movie featuring a sepia Son of God. Till now.

Crank – Revenge-Minded Hit Man: DVD Review

Riveting DVD Revolving around Revenge-Minded Hit Man is excellent.