Monday, December 18, 2017
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Jonathan Slaff is a New York publicist in the specialty of international cultural events. Jonathan and his writers keep us ahead of the curve in the world of the arts and culture.

‘Escaping Queens’ Tells Funny Tale of Italian/puerto Rican Immigrant Family

The story of an immigrant family and their struggle to stick together. Music, with original songs by composer Joe Ortiz, embodies a variety of styles.

‘Daddy’s Boy’ Depicts Battle of Values in Boxing Ring

The boxing ring becomes a battleground for issues of sexuality, family and identity, as a wrestling champion faces off against his childhood best friend.

‘A Casual Gathering’ Traces Intimate Reunion of High School Friends

A high school reunion forces old friends to reconcile the lives they dreamed of with how their lives turned out.

‘Bubbleheads’ Depicts Hard Realities of Divorce and Remarriage

In a surreal, dreamlike world we experience the impact of divorce through the eyes of a child, and the confusion and frustration a child feels as she watches her family fall apart.

‘The Boom’ Documents Life of Standup Comic Behind Stage

The backstage world of stand-up comics isn't so funny, in The Boom, that examines the life of a stand-up comic behind the stage, written by Vinnie Nardiello.

‘Baby’s Breath’ Tells Extraordinary Tale of Baby Growing in Woman’s Lung

Beatrice is pregnant, but the baby is growing inside her lung, sucking in air with each breath she takes. The baby represents a fresh start, a new breath.

Theater for The New City Presents ‘Artaud Artaud’

After playwright Antonin Artaud's physical form is usurped by a double, he struggles to maintain control of his own individuality.

‘The Accidental Kiss’ Depicts Modern Day Reincarnations of Romeo and Juliet

A woman wakes up in an abandoned theater with a complete stranger who claims he is in love with her. He is her only hope of figuring out what happened the night before and of saving herself.

‘4 Wars’ Tells Interdisciplinary Journey of People in 1968 Amid Unrest

An interdisciplinary journey back to the year 1968 and the unrest that exploded across the world. a young woman tries to convince her parents to let her take part in the student protests.

‘Macbeth’ Play Goes ‘Latino’ Style

Macbeth and Banquo reminded director Jesse Ontiveros of Fidel and Che, and that was the genesis for his idea to set 'Macbeth' in a banana republic.