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James Clark has a background in designing databases, job and client tracking systems, inventory and sales management, and accounting. As a Worship Minister for a local church, he puts music together, based on the message to be read. His flight simulation hobby takes him to different places that he’s never been before. His goal is to contribute to his area of Minnesota, and the world.

Biletnikoff-Roof Top Jam Legacy to End

They came prepared, and tailgated. Heck, something different. Tailgate for baseball and football, why not for a band.

My Very Own Shop of Computers

I remember in the olden days when there were not any laptops. PC's were just starting to make there way into businesses, and mainframe computers were in. My start with computers? Lets go with the IBM 360/370 mainframes.

Tools For Database Solutions

There are plenty of tools available for programming a database. Depending on the database structure and what it is to be used for, will determine which of the tools is best for your design.