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Glenn James is an amazing Gothic Artist and Writer. He was diagnosed as Dyslexic in 2002, after a lifetime of wielding a pen!

‘Do You Have Any Books On Dyslexia?’

It could be worse, I suppose, and at least she does so in a supportive way. I have had much unhappier experiences concerning the matter.

Film Review ‘Anger Mismanagement’ (The Incredible Hulk)

This new movie effectively really kicks off the Hulks movie franchise, with a vengeance, and it does so with real zip. Sequels are planned, and I for one am seriously glad to hear it.

‘Bela and The Count’ A Gothic Artist’s Analysis of Bela’s Greatest...

A daunting task for any actor, as while they are even contemplating what kind of fangs to wear, they will be more than conscious of two almost biblical shadows dominating the landscape.