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Steve Savage is a scientist (PhD Plant Pathology) with more than thirty years of diverse experience with crops and agricultural technologies. He has worked on everything from biological controls to chemicals to genetics to biotechnology. He has worked for a university (Colorado State), a large company (Du Pont), a small company (Mycogen) and for the last 13 years as an independent consultant. He writes about farming both to address widespread myths and to confront the real challenges of sustainably feeding a world population headed to 9 billion in an age of climate change. Steve writes from sunny San Diego county in California in an office with a view of his home vineyard and garden. Links to his writing can be found at appliedmythology.blogspot.com
planting trees in morocco

Enabling Sustainable Farming – Who Will Do The Hard Work?

There is work to do to meet rising food demand and protect the environment with sustainable farming but fewer people choose applied agricultural science as a career.

Problems With Linking ADHD and Organophosphate Insecticides

A recent study linked Organo-Phosphate insecticides to ADHD in children. The problem is that in the time period where ADHD has been increasing, the use of those particular insecticides has been plummeting. What gives?

All We Are Saying Is Give Peach A Chance

Peaches and Nectarines are near the top of the Environmental Working Group's, 'dirty dozen' list of high pesticide crops. Are they really something to avoid?