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Veronica Davis is a former Marine, now a mom of two boys who has found a passion for freelance writing. She loves cooking and rarely misses something in the food industry, but she also enjoys writing about business, home and anything interesting.

phd completeion woman

Changing Degree Completion Time: Dissertations and Humanities

American Academy of Arts and Sciences reveals some programs are taking much longer than others, which some experts blame on dissertations.
foreign money

Counterfeit Money in the News: Learn to Protect Yourself

Making counterfeit money has become easier than ever thanks to the creative technology available today. And when you get paid with it, there's not much you can do about it if you don't notice right away.
brown dog closeup

Raw Food Diet For Pets on The Rise

While raw food diets for pets are on the rise, the ASPCA, FDA and others warn that it could increase risk of salmonella and other infections.
4deserts atacama crossing

‘4 Deserts Race Series’ Attracts Competitors to Raise Money for Charity...

4 Deserts Race Series - Participants race in extreme desert conditions across four continents to raise money for charity.

Legal Blogs on the Rise: What Business Owners Can Learn from...

The number of legal blogs have dramatically increased over the past couple years. But not accounting for these facts means not all are very successful.
crime scene police

Crime Scene Cleanup: How Death and Disaster Impacts a Landlord

Renting a unit to a tenant comes with many risks, one being the possibility of dealing with a crime scene and the loss of income and access for an extended period.
android apps havent heard

4 Helpful and Cool Android Apps You’ve Never Heard of

With millions of apps on the market, it can be difficult to decide just which ones to download. Here are 4 amazing Android apps that are extremely creative and fun to use, yet you've probably never even heard about.

Personal Injury Law Firm Turns to Google Glass

A Personal Injury law firm transforms lawsuits and trials using the modern wave of technology, as google glass helps communicate with clients and courts.
surrogate parenting legality

Surrogate Parenting on The Rise in United States

Surrogacy parenting is on the rise, especially in the United States. The legality and regulations change from country to country, which makes it a difficult process.
diabetes america testing levels

2 Little Known Ways to Not Become One of the 30...

30 million people in America suffer from diabetes. Here are two ways to help ensure you don't develop this potentially devastating health condition.
children divorce sitting road

New Study Shows Surprising Benefits Of Shared Custody

A new study has confirmed what many had always believed, children will feel less stress when the two parents are able to share custody.

3 Steps to Sell Your Home Faster in 2015

Before listing your house for sell, here a couple of tips that you should keep in mind in order for everything to go as smoothly (and quickly) as possible.

Law Enforcement Under Scrutiny for Waco Biker Brawl

177 people were arrested near a biker brawl that at a Twin Peaks restaurant. With such a large group arrested, many question law enforcement actions.
whatsapp 800000000

Wildly Popular WhatsApp Smacked Down by the Electronic Frontier Foundation

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging applications, but users might not be aware that their chats and messages are easily accessible.

Three Unusual Factors That Impact Your Life Insurance Premiums

Most people realize that their age will play a factor in the overall cost of life insurance. But here are a few factors they don't realize could affect it.
kik iphone conversation

Video Just One of Recent Kik Messenger Developments

Kik Messenger interactive features draw more users and advertisers alike. Here are just a few of their recently added features.

Cure Hemorrhoids With 6 Easy Natural Remedies That Work

Living with hemorrhoids? The good news is there are treatments available, both home remedies and medical treatments, that can significantly decrease the pain and discomfort.
obie the obese dachsund

How to Prevent Dog Obesity

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over half of the dogs in the US are either obese or overweight. Learn how to identify and prevent dog obesity.
this war of mine

This War of Mine, A New Raw Form of Post-War Survival...

This War of Mine will take away every comfort of life as you know it and it's up to you to survive. But this is far from your typical post-war, zombie game.
focal point fireplace

Important Formula on Creating Fabulous and Dramatic Focal Point

A focal point creates emphasis and draws the attention of anyone that enters the room. Every room needs one, whether it's a fireplace, window or furniture.