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Calum Coburn is a Negotiation Expert, having trained and consulted to many of the largest 500 companies across 35 countries. In his stories he typically shares lessons gathered supporting clients to close large and challenging deals. Calum is a training innovator at the Negotiation Experts, responsible for the creation of the breakthrough online Negotiation Sim, and online Negotiation Assessments.

Outside of negotiations, Calum’s favourite topic is social science, which he explains as the study of we weird and wonderful humans. Calum believes that learning sticks when it’s made fun, highly practical and challenging. His stories are also usually imbued with these same qualities.

To see the courses Calum delivers for The Negotiation Experts, visit: www.negotiations.com/training/

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In Spain, Catalonia's recent negotiation fumbles offers lessons for business negotiators, and other secessionists, such as California and Scotland. As a Negotiation Expert trainer,...