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Although North Korea asserted it had notified United Nations agencies that it planned to launch a rocket carrying an Earth observation satellite, many however believed the test is used for a long-range missile.
18:33 Feb 11, 2016 PST
US Secretary of State clearly emphasized the need to stop the bombardment that caused sufferings to thousands of besieged civilians.
16:17 Feb 8, 2016 PST
The quake's damage appeared not to be widespread but it is powerful enough to topple buildings and even left high rise building leaning.
14:11 Feb 7, 2016 PST
Does Bahrain or the Bahrainis need to witness a day of rage ever? Do those who push youth to carry out all manner of illegal activities all the year round ever think of the larger good of the nation?
15:08 Feb 5, 2016 PST
The Coalition was able to cut off ISIS financing, disrupting their plots, and stopping the flow of foreign terrorist fighters.
14:48 Feb 5, 2016 PST
Ambassador Samantha Power says the US is deeply concerned about recent steps that appear to have effectively created a new settlement south of Gush Etzion.
16:08 Jan 30, 2016 PST
The US Secretary underscored that the alliance between the two Pacific nations, anchored on the bedrock of shared values and history.
08:54 Jan 26, 2016 PST
The West's deal has brought everything to Iran but virtually nothing to the Arab Gulf countries, putting Iran in a much stronger position.
05:07 Jan 24, 2016 PST
She stated that Syrian regime has besieged 12 of those 15 areas, and its callousness is evident in harrowing images-and at least 35 deaths from starvation since the beginning of December.
23:29 Jan 22, 2016 PST
Mr. Kirby underscored that the United States stands ready to help the new Presidency Council and other Libyan leaders implement the Libyan Political Agreement.
14:33 Jan 22, 2016 PST
Secretary Kerry reiterated President Obama's statement that the United States will stand with its allies and friends in the region.
04:21 Jan 22, 2016 PST
An Amnesty International report says Death sentences in Iran are invariably imposed by courts completely lacking in independence and impartiality.
04:04 Jan 21, 2016 PST
Secretary Kerry said the strategic relationship begins with a firm pledge and that the US has an ironclad commitment to the security of the Philippines.
04:02 Jan 21, 2016 PST
After the deadly attack, the Turkish authorities announced the arrest of 16 IS militants in the capital of Ankara who were allegedly linked to planning the attacks.
16:41 Jan 19, 2016 PST
Taiwan has its first woman president, Dr. Tsai Ing-wen. Her Democratic Progressive Party took a clear majority of the seats in the legislature.
12:13 Jan 17, 2016 PST

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