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Two vehicles collided in the Digboi Ramnagar area in the upper Assam district early on Friday, killing seven and injuring nine others.
04:53 Apr 25, 2015 PST
A USAF C-46A Curtiss Commando that crashed in the mountains over India in 1945 has been identified by a researcher who was abducted by militants.
23:55 Apr 24, 2015 PST
The convicted men abducted and murdered Arup Dutta, a 21 year young man, son of Apu Dutta, a businessman from Jagiroad town in Morigaon district, on July 17, 2011.
17:51 Apr 24, 2015 PST
Police identified the three men as Anil Mahato (34), Arun Mahato (32) and Tapon Munda (30). All three were previously cadres of AANLA. A pistol and bullets were seized by police.
23:46 Apr 23, 2015 PST
Witnesses said more than nine were killed but this has not been confirmed yet. The UN staff were being driven in a 3 minute commute from their guest houses to work.
21:09 Apr 22, 2015 PST
Public response to the event surprised sports organizers and the Assam nation, including Ankur Dutta, General Secretary of Assam Football Association.
13:59 Apr 21, 2015 PST
The Poi-Sangken Water festival is observed by the Shyam community who settled in Karbi Anglong and parts of upper Assam during the Burmese invasion of Assam.
07:27 Apr 21, 2015 PST
Kuki National Assembly decided that any Kuki villager involved in wild life poaching, he will be outcast from the village if the village is located within Kuki inhabited area of Karbi Anglong.
06:52 Apr 20, 2015 PST
Further studies in the hunting habits of a group of chimpanzees prove more females than males use tools to hunt prey.
06:44 Apr 20, 2015 PST
Violence first targeted shops owned by foreign nationals, largely from Somalia and Ethiopia. The incident brought fear against all African foreigners, leaving many feeling terrified and hopeless.
06:40 Apr 20, 2015 PST
Major General CP Mohanty visited Diphu held a closed door meeting with women's organizations and members of civil society at the Diphu Tourist Lodge camp of 8JAT regiment.
22:38 Apr 19, 2015 PST
On other hand, a local court in Guwahati on Thursday had sent Rita Chauhan, wife of Anil Chauhan to three-day police custody, who surrendered on Wednesday.
22:28 Apr 19, 2015 PST
The Government of Somalia does not have effective control over many parts of south and central Somalia. Generalized violence and insecurity persists.
17:19 Apr 19, 2015 PST
The Killing river originates from high altitude of Meghalaya and merges with the Kopili river near Nagaon district. The proposed dam will be constructed in the upper stream of the river within Karbi Anglong district.
19:23 Apr 16, 2015 PST
This year's Railways National Programme is dedicated to the North Eastern Region and its people, and the opening of many rail lines confirms that.
14:04 Apr 16, 2015 PST

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