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Many truck fleets do almost exclusively one-way transportation, many miles with an empty vehicle means they are a cost, not a profit.
16:39 Nov 26, 2015 PST
In the aftermath of the attack, Tunisia's president Beji Caid Essebsi declared a state of emergency throughout the country and a curfew in the capital.
12:00 Nov 26, 2015 PST
Iran, intent on destabilizing the Kingdom of Bahrain, increased in anti-Bahrain activities since the 2011 troubles, have taken it nowhere.
11:52 Nov 26, 2015 PST
The world's shipping companies are looking for new ways to deal with the economic slowdown, including the possibility of mergers being on the table.
04:18 Nov 26, 2015 PST
Shalom means wholeness, and this event unifies diverse communities under the banner of the blue and white flag of the state of Israel.
14:48 Nov 25, 2015 PST
The final quarter of 2015 is already shaping up to be the worst for the oil industry since profitability began to decline, worse wven than one year ago.
21:37 Nov 24, 2015 PST
The coalition against ISIS have liberated Tikrit, liberated Baiji and liberated Kobani, and they have lost a quarter of their territory.
13:18 Nov 23, 2015 PST
Trade24, a currency exchange dealer takes on a virtual reality project to save time and money, reduce pollution and support its unschooling programme.
04:51 Nov 23, 2015 PST
A Department of Animal Science PhD. made jokes about Whole Foods and the pure food movement. But most food scientists nothing funny about GM salmon.
20:28 Nov 22, 2015 PST
The closed-system that is earth, prevents any external factors from increasing global warming.
00:01 Nov 22, 2015 PST
Some media, most backed by Iran, notorious for trying to create trouble in Bahrain through men and arms, continue to paint Bahrain in dark hues.
00:22 Nov 21, 2015 PST
Mr. Gura's new concealed carry lawsuit will make the same mistakes as his old lawsuit plus new mistakes. He should limit his lawsuits to challenging bans.
23:39 Nov 20, 2015 PST
Remote viewing expert Stacey Tallitsch in an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Sentinel. How the practice used by Russia and US works, and can be used by you to get what you want.
23:38 Nov 20, 2015 PST
Thousands of deaths were recorded by the Syrian Network for Human Rights, 1,771 deaths in Syria just in October, including 1,284 at the hands of government forces.
23:20 Nov 20, 2015 PST
We are one heart attack or retirement away from losing the 5-4 majority, and then the Second Amendment window closes. The gun-rights groups will be to blame.
22:22 Nov 20, 2015 PST

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