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Donald Trump's numbers are looking good this early, just one month since the threw his hat in the ring. His challenge is to hold on and keep making gains.
23:43 Aug 28, 2015 PST
An FOI request from a pro-security group has mostly gone unanswered concerning specific housing, detaining and resettling costs for the illegals.
07:08 Aug 28, 2015 PST
Mehdi Hyseni says the offer of a joint reconciliation between Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo cannot happen, because Serbia ignores its genocide.
14:07 Aug 27, 2015 PST
Univision Anchor, Jorge Ramos, shows he couldn't anchor a blow-up dinghy in a small pond, and blows his chance to ask Donald Trump a meaningful question.
00:23 Aug 26, 2015 PST
Barack Obama's poll numbers are going up each month, a CNN/ORC poll released on Saturday shows, but he and his administration may not be very happy about it.
23:38 Aug 23, 2015 PST
Nurit Greenger says the Iran deal is a bad deal, but Obama is pressuring Congress to approve it, without knowing exactly what is in it.
20:35 Aug 20, 2015 PST
Mehdi Hyseni says Serbia has no right to prevent Kosovo joining Interpol, because they are separate sovereign states, and Serbia does not speak for Kosovo.
00:28 Aug 19, 2015 PST
Buying auto parts today can be a tricky deal, especially if you do not understand how the market functions. However, knowing what to loof and expect can give you an edge.
18:16 Aug 18, 2015 PST
The Religion of Power believes this law will help all people to be civil to everyone else, thereby empowering people, rather than tearing them down.
22:14 Aug 17, 2015 PST
It's madness when adults bully others because they should know better. Even with all the recent talk of how bad bullying is, it still happens.
17:14 Aug 17, 2015 PST
Today, dentists are necessary to promote a healthy environment.Therefore, seeing a dentist once in a while can help you stay health and disease free.
17:39 Aug 15, 2015 PST
In Srebrenica, Europe failed to stand up to the promise of our founding fathers and to the dreams of their grandsons: no more war in Europe, no more genocide
17:34 Aug 15, 2015 PST
Amazon #1 Best Selling author, Robert Bakke, fearlessly defends success and says sussess is there for everyone to achieve, if they open themselves to it.
16:30 Aug 14, 2015 PST
Behind every great man is a woman, and mother, because President Obama would be nothing without the teachings of his mother, The Great Ann Dunham.
19:40 Aug 11, 2015 PST
Obama is a combination of Neville Chamberlain, a coward capitulator and Vidkun Quisling, a traitor Norwegian politician who collaborated with Nazi Germany.
16:29 Aug 11, 2015 PST

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