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Prophet Muhammad mandates that all followers of the religion of power must vote Republican, because Republicans, not democrats have supported blacks.
05:38 Oct 6, 2015 PST
Ari Bussel says it must have been preordained, that Jews and Christians will come together, the Saturday people and the Sunday people.
16:58 Oct 3, 2015 PST
Nurit Greenger responds to Nehad Ismail's response to her letter to Jordan's King Abdullah II who is furious after Amman was accused of destabilization.
20:48 Sep 29, 2015 PST
Nehad Ismail rebuts the letter by Nurit Greenger, Letter to King of Jordan, reminding Nurit of the facts as they exist now and not 2000 years ago.
18:00 Sep 28, 2015 PST
In the 1967 war things did not go well for Hashemites. You were told not to enter the war, but did, and Israeli-Jews retrieved what belonged to them, Judea, Samaria, and the old part of Jerusalem
16:45 Sep 26, 2015 PST
Why Albania didn't vote together with the United States on the raising of Palestine Flag at the United Nations Headquarters?
21:52 Sep 24, 2015 PST
King Nazir Muhammad examines the Question of why men feel the need to abuse women? He says there is a deeper reason to this sickness than we think.
16:57 Sep 23, 2015 PST
Taking expensive vacations might not be for you and you need to save money while enjoying yourself away from home. To save money on a vacation, take some considerations into account.
13:59 Sep 23, 2015 PST
Barack Obama is a political bully. He does not represent the American nation, he bullies America. Only 20% of Americans support the deal he cut with Iran.
19:51 Sep 17, 2015 PST
Drugs are a huge business. Once a person is hooked, society loses a productive individual and the drug industry gains a customer, an addict.
06:53 Sep 15, 2015 PST
Serbian official politicians know Serbia is no factor of stability, security and peace in the Balkans while it says Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia.
06:01 Sep 15, 2015 PST
Fools do not become smart; John Kerry, potato face, was a foolish young politicians during the Vietnam War era who lied to the American people about what were the American soldiers doing while fighting. He is now lying to the American people about t
16:31 Sep 14, 2015 PST
King Nazir Muhammad says from the time African slaves reached the shores of America, the Black Woman has been the figurehead for the African American race.
17:35 Sep 11, 2015 PST
After years of suffering in Nazi concentration and labor camps, Jews went to Israel, where they were treated very poorly by the British government.
19:09 Sep 10, 2015 PST
The Jewish nation looks forward to welcome, with blessing, the 5776 New Year. Israel is a beacon of light and truth. A happy country that protect the Jews.
05:11 Sep 8, 2015 PST

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