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Shattering the record set almost four years ago, an incredibly sumptuous apartment on 57th Street has sold for $100.47 million dollars. The previous city record was for $88 million paid for a Central Park West address.
7 days ago
Through the poetic voices of contemporary Native American writers, Cedars gives a 21st century face to the struggles of indigenous people, celebrating Native American culture and spirit.
19:38 Jan 19, 2015
A new Yara Arts Group play, conceived and directed by Virlana Tkacz, imagines the meeting of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861), and Ira Aldridge (1807-1867).
08:58 Jan 19, 2015
The mayor addressed the some 900 graduating cadets saying, You will confront all manner of problems. Problems that you didn't create. It was a mixed message from the mayor
21:50 Jan 1, 2015
Russell W. Dickson talks to zombie movie legend Russell W. Streiner from Night of the Living Dead, the Romero classic - the most visceral and influential horror film ever made.
05:45 Dec 25, 2014
The little shop oozes nostalgia, history and expertise. With an assortment of archaic locks, keys and photos dating back 82 years, dozens of old NYC Locksmith Occupation License Plates are here-and-there wallpapered.
20:42 Dec 11, 2014
In Winter Light, Yara Arts Group performs a World Music Theater piece including the Koliadnyky, an ensemble of winter song singers from Kryvorivnia and scenes from the Ukraine crisis.
12:49 Nov 26, 2014
Two by Tavel is a tribute to director Harvey Tavel, who originated the Theater of the Ridiculous with his brother, Ronald Tavel.
07:46 Nov 23, 2014
The Western Wind, the internationally acclaimed a capella vocal sextet, will perform Holiday Light: Joyous Music for Chanukkah and Christmas at The Church of Saint Luke in the Fields, NYC.
04:46 Nov 23, 2014
Homeless Children Get a Helping Hand from Matchmaking Stars Elite Connections, as detailed in this story.
08:32 Nov 13, 2014
Celebrity matchmaking company Elite Connections celebrates its 20th year in business this month. This story details more.
04:57 Nov 8, 2014
Madame Blavatsky and Theosophy are discussed here in this insightful article about the legendary religion.
15:20 Nov 2, 2014
Deepak Chopra Narrated Short 'Duality' Explores Cosmic Consciousness and Birth and Death themes. Producers of the film short are now developing a feature film adaptation.
04:46 Nov 1, 2014
The Hollywood Sentinel pays tribute here to stars that have passed on in 2013 and 2014, among more.
21:59 Oct 31, 2014
Russian model and actress Ellen Alexander has been named on many lists as Hollywood's Sexiest new Rising Star. This is an exclusive interview with the actress and fashion model who is taking the entertainment industry by storm.
18:30 Oct 29, 2014

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