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Through the years, I've discovered bits and pieces of the past that when put all together, make up my extraordinary grandmother Maria Carmela Curci-Dinapoli.
15:36 Nov 11, 2015 PST
Dr. Carson retired after a groundbreaking 35-year career as director of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins hospital. He received a Presidential Medal of Freedom.
15:22 Nov 11, 2015 PST
Lindy Baker has provided private, confidential clairvoyant psychic phone readings for clients world wide for over twenty five years. This article details more.
14:28 Nov 10, 2015 PST
Everyone's favorite sleuth was patterned after Conan Doyle's college professor, Dr. Joseph Bell, whose wizardry in the laws of deduction amazed and influenced Edinburgh Uni students.
11:43 Nov 2, 2015 PST
Heather Steht recently shared that the film she is working on, Hanging Millstone, has been in full swing, creating its trailer or teaser.
04:26 Nov 2, 2015 PST
Showrunners at Syfy spice things up on Ghost Hunters this season, with the addition of Ghost Mine Lead Investigator and fan favorite Kristen Luman.
19:18 Nov 1, 2015 PST
Where to Invade Next hops from one topic to another, never lets the audience know what it's about and, after two hours of cinematic navel gazing, it's unlikely they care.
03:18 Nov 1, 2015 PST
Prairie Miller has a Halloween Visitation. Cult Horror Director Sam Raimi drops in, Death Of A Salesman In Yiddish and classical concert pianist Hannah Reimann
02:57 Nov 1, 2015 PST
Scott Fivelson is a writer and director who creates memorable scripts. One of them is about legendary Oskar Knight in 'Near Myth' The Oskar Knight Story.'
20:22 Oct 31, 2015 PST
Bond is back, possibly Daniel Craig's last outing. Can SPECTRE step out of the shadow cast by SKYFALL's great acclaim. Read Kingsley's review to find out!
14:48 Oct 31, 2015 PST
Actor Alan Alda, Hawkeye of TV's M.A.S.H. fame was born Alfonso D'Abruzzo. His father Robert entered show business and changed his Italian surname to Alda.
14:47 Oct 31, 2015 PST
Israel's Film Festival, a bridge between people and cultures. The burgeoning Israeli film industry is another building block of Israel.
16:32 Oct 30, 2015 PST
Los Angeles rock band No Convention recently recorded with legendary producer Billy Sherwood, form the band Yes. This story details more.
16:47 Oct 24, 2015 PST
Nonna's secret for the best pumpkin pie was to always use fresh pumpkin, rather than canned. She would roast a medium-sized pie pumpkin. They were yummy!
15:24 Oct 24, 2015 PST
Prophet Muhammad is really spreading his name around the globe through books, online articles and now music. This hot new track could be a club hit in the near future.
22:45 Oct 22, 2015 PST

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