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A mistake for Israel to tolerate the intolerable. What gave the Arab countries the right to refuse to recognize a sovereign state, in this case Israel?
17 hours ago
The Hollywood Sentinel reports here on how change is essential to success in life in this article by Bruce Edwin.
38 hours ago
Your economic, intifada and isolation threats will give Israel that extra oxygen to thrive, to be more secured and bring about more economic stability; you push Israel the wrong way, you get an adjustment to plan B.
3 days ago
The Hollywood Sentinel reports that its exciting new April issue has now been released, with a story called The Academy Goes Punk Rock
6 days ago
Sunday's announcement by the management of Mozilla, an Internet engine provider, is the lightning rod for freedom-loving Americans and our right as a citizen to express our beliefs without fear of reprisals or bodily injury.
05:42 Apr 13, 2014
Nurit Greenger visits the Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy, as it prepares the next generation of Jews for the task to continue the Jewish nation.
09:46 Apr 7, 2014
Israel will be the one to tell the world the United States, the leader of the not so free world is naked
20:38 Apr 2, 2014
The California drought is playing havoc on many residents including those dependent on groundwater for clean drinking water.
20:48 Mar 27, 2014
Draven Midnight of the Undead Hearts has been signed by Starpower Management, as reported in this story here by The Hollywood Sentinel.
01:07 Mar 27, 2014
The right thing to do, no matter what, is the story of Abdol Hossein Sardari
02:01 Mar 24, 2014
Being a Moslem and showing open support for Israel demands of one to be honest; it is not an easy task but not for Dr. Quanta Ahmed
09:23 Mar 21, 2014
Your tax money is paying to murder people
11:30 Mar 19, 2014
The question each of us must ask, why humanity's compassion is off course.
05:12 Mar 18, 2014
Award winning fine artist Caryl M. Christian Levy hosted an outstanding solo exhibition show Thursday night at the historic Fine Arts Building in downtown Los Angeles. This story is a highlight of that V.I.P. event.
23:36 Mar 15, 2014
When law becomes a consensus. When you listen to the author Edwin Black speak you take a deep breath and you say, something really reeks in our world and it is only getting worse.
10:24 Mar 15, 2014

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