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Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst shares her wisdom in this second part to the exclusive interview with her for The Hollywood Sentinel.
42 hours ago
Defusing preconceived perceptions and ideas and promote tolerance and culture of peace.
43 hours ago
Everyone except Charles Nichols, California Right to Carry President, argues that Open Carry can be banned. Nichols filed an Amicus brief in defense of the Second Amendment right.
3 days ago
Nurit Greenger says it is time to end the Wars of the Jews against Jews, going on in Israel, and she interviews an Ethiopian Jew who saw it first hand.
7 days ago
Special Olympics World Games are coming to Los Angeles this 2015 summer. There are 7,000 athletes competing in these games.
7 days ago
Tai Babilonia is a world champion figure skater. Learn more about Tai and the Rock Thiz Magazine interview by Velasco on the life and times of Tai Babilonia.
08:39 May 14, 2015
The Pacific Ballet is reviewed here by The Hollywood Sentinel, as well as a discussion of the Armenian Genocide.
20:12 May 9, 2015
Starpower Management Signs Smoke N Burn, Featuring Daughter of Former Vice President Al Gore and Tipper Gore, Laine Maiani, and Patrick Maiani, and Rick Maiani.
20:24 May 4, 2015
An exclusive interview with Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst is brought to readers here from Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel.
21:28 May 3, 2015
Tracy Reiner and other stars from the hit film A League of Their Own visits Chicago to salute the film, 23 years later, at the much loved Hollywood Show.
07:48 May 3, 2015
Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst explains what Reiki is, its oral traditions, how some history was lost, some saved, and how it can benefit the body and mind.
21:53 May 1, 2015
Starpower Management LLC is pleased to announce that they have signed Santa Barbara Guitar Star Rick Maiani in all areas.
09:08 Apr 27, 2015
It all starts with identity, the identity of a people and a country. A national flag is a symbol of a sovereign country.
09:03 Apr 27, 2015
Los Angeles Restaurant Owner Valeria Maldonado Quits Food Industry to Become Massage Therapist to the Stars, as detailed in this story.
14:10 Apr 25, 2015
Obama and Alinsky, two men from the same pod, one the clown, the other the stooge, the implementer, the destroyer of the constitution with nothing to replace it.
13:54 Apr 25, 2015

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