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United Nations to Discuss Muammar Gaddafi’s Regulations in Libya

The United Nations security council is to meet in a closed session to discuss Muammar Gaddafi’s regulations in Libya as fears of a slaughter follow the dictator’s appearance on state TV to deny he fled the country.

“I want to show that I’m in Tripoli and not in Venezuela. Do not believe the channels belonging to stray dogs,” Gaddafi.

The station said he was speaking outside his house.

Ibrahim al-Dabashi, Libya’s deputy ambassador to the UN, appealed for international intervention beginning with no flying over the country, to help stop “a real genocide”.

The country’s second city has been the scene of described massacres in recent days. The death toll in Libya passed 250 on Monday after six days of unrest. The International Federation of Human Rights estimated the death toll at 300 to 400.

The Arab League is to hold an emergency meeting in Cairo. At least seven Libyan ambassadors have resigned in protest of the killing- other senior diplomats remained at their post while appealing for Gaddafi to step down.

UN human rights chief Navi Pillay stated attacks on civilians could amount to crimes against humanity.

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