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Will India Apologize to Bangladesh?

It took many years for the Australian government to apologize “for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.”

I do not know when the Indian government will stop killing poor Bangladeshis, let alone apologize to us for its continuous disregard to our right to life.

It seems that the Western powers will continue to turn a blind eye to India’s injustices to Bangladeshis, as the country is their strategic partner in world politics.

We the Bangladeshis know very well that all the Western precepts of human rights are intended to promote their political interests and not to stop the pain and misery of people like us. As a result, we the poor of the world, continue to suffer.

What is most surprising is the silence of Bangladeshi regime and intelligentsia about Indian atrocities to their fellow country people.

Shimul Chaudhury is a journalist from Bangladesh who specializes in news and issues related to Bangladesh.

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