One Swallow Cannot Make a Summer

One Swallow Cannot Make a Summer. Let Dhoni Repeat His Performance in The Remaining One Day Internationals, Then He Will Be Hailed

India’s resounding victory against the Aussies in the second ODI at Nagpur was mainly due to a sterling knock of 124 from the Captain of the team, MS Dhoni.

The media, which until the other day, was critical of Dhoni, suddenly found in him a new messiah of cricket and showered lavish praise on his batting technique. It is not fair to judge him in one innings. He has no doubt shown glimpses of his past in his knock of 124 but it was purely to prove a point that all was not lost with him.

We all know that MSD was not the same we saw him some two to three years ago. He lost form and stop hitting big sixes for which he was famous. He came in for criticism for the loss at the T20 world cup and the lacklustre performance at the recently concluded Champions Trophy in South Africa.

The fault lies in the selection and not with Dhoni. He was under intense pressure as the oldies in the team, the so called senior players, were not performing to their potential. With Shewag and Yuraj in the injured list, it was left to Dhoni to marshall all the resources, which were just insufficient to beat the world class teams, as Indians faltered in the important area called fielding.

The senior players were hardly moving and stopping the ball, while the younger players with the exception of Raina, were seen wanting, even in taking catches. Catches win matches, it is not so with our players. This is the area where they have to improve.

All praises to Dhoni for raising his batting skill when it was needed. With one down in the series, a captain of his calibre should perform – or else his future would be at stake. But Dhoni lived up to his promise and performed. But the solitary performance will not salvage his lost prestige, unless he continues to deliver in the matches to come. We are keenly watching his performance in particular. Until then, let us be moderate in praising one performance.

Other players have to come good in the next five games. The ODI which has already lost its charm due to the advent of T20 cricket, has to prove a point if some players perform like Dhoni to enliven the atmosphere.

I am totally against 50 over matches. It is boring and players were playing at their lethargic best. There is no urgency to score. They take time to settle and in the process lose concentration. In any case, since ODIs are being played everywhere, it is incumbent on the players to play to their potential and enthrall the crowd.

India team which would try to outdo the injured Aussies in the next five games, should not be complacent, but work hard to repeat the performance. This is easy for Indians because the Aussies have lost Lee due to injury and are shattered after the resounding win, excelling and outplaying them in all departments.

This would be at the back of their mind. But they may strike back because they are wounded. The Indian team has to guard against complacency.

In the end, let us pray that our team continues to perform well and wins the next five matches. I wish MS Dhoni and his team all the best. Jai Hind.

A.M. Jamsheed Basha

A.M. Jamsheed Basha is a Chennai-based columnist, political commentator, who writes on matters of importance, political, social and self-improvement.