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NY Nepali Poetry Festival: Ground Breaking Event

The intellectuals among Nepalese Community in the United States gathered in Queens, New York at Satya Narayan Temple’s auditorium to take part in the “NY Nepali Poetry Festival”. This special event, the first of its kind was organized by the N & J Entertainment Inc. NY, USA. Ms.

Kamala Prasai, the President of the N & J Entertainment Inc. NY, USA, highlighted the activities of the organization following Mr. Saroj Aryal, the moderator of the program’s request her to shed light on the importance of the event and the organization itself. Ms. Kamala Prasai briefly stated the activities carried out by the N & J Entertainment Inc. USA in the foregone years.

The N & J Entertainment Inc. NY, USA established in rememberance of the late Narayan Prasad Prasai and Mrs. Jayanta Prasai who is now 77 years old has done remarkable jobs towards the promotion of Nepali Culture, Literature, Arts and Language. The writer of Award winning book of poetry and several other books, Ms. Kamala Prasai who is also the ‘Treasurer’ of the International Nepali Literary Society (INLS), has thanked the audience who participated in the ‘Poetry Festival’ and also Mr. Hari Bahadur Thapa, renouned artist, who played the role of ‘Mangale’ in Malati-Mangale, Nepal’s best play for accepting to chair the event.

The Chairman of the “NY Nepali Poetry Festival” Mr. Hari Bahadur Thapa, Poetess Mrs. Bharati Gautam, INLS HQ- Vice President, renouned writer Sita Pandey, Poetess Sita Kharel, Cine-artist Kristi Mainali, Dr. Kamal Pande, the banker, Seniormost Attorney among Nepalese, Mr. Khagendra Chhetri (JD) and Mr. Bishal Shah- all highlighted the importance of the Nepali laguage, Nepali culture and Nepali literature at a time when Nepali language has been attacked viciously from different quarters in order to undermine the Nepali speaking people.

The main part of the event that is the poetry competition was divided into two categories: the adults’ competition and the children’s competition. The children were allowed to read their poems both in Nepali and English. However, the adult poets and poetesses had to use Nepali language.

The judges of the ‘NY Nepali Poetry Festival’ Poetess Bharati Gautam, Writer Sita Pandey and Poetess Gita Khatri scored Ms. Mamata Dhakal, the first place winner and the runner up Mr. Ram Chandra Thapa. Likewise, Mr. Ruby Dhakal, won the first place in children’s category. The winners of the poetry competition were handed certificates and prizes by the Chief Guest and the Chairman of the event, renouned artist Mr. Hari Bahadur Thapa.

The non competitors also read their poems. Dr. Kamal Pande, Mr. Bishal Shah, Bhoj Raj Neupane, Mrs. Jyoti Paudel and Mrs. Sita Kharel were among the non competitors.

The participants and audience of the “NY Nepali Poetry Festival” requested the organizer of the event Ms. Kamala Prasai to hold such an event time and often. They especially praised the organizer Ms. Kamala Prasai for the excellent event. In return Ms. Prasai thanked the audience, participants, judges, sponsor Sangrila Restaurant and several persons like Ms. Anita Acharya Chhetri and Mr. Saroj Aryal who made the “NY Nepali Poetry Festival” very successful.

N & J Entertainment Inc, NY, USA.



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