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Northeast Indian Secessionist Militant Groups Warn Each Other

The Political Dialogue of the National Democratic Front of Boroland (Progressive), NDFB(P) with the Government of India on the issue of ‘Separate Boroland’ within the framework of the Indian Constitution is sailing in the right direction.

To garner supportive advocacy for the creation of the Boroland, the leaders of the NDFB(P) met several Indian political leaders, including Indian Union Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee, Kishore Ch. Deo, Indian Union Tribal Affairs Minister. Also included were several Members of Parliament from the North East Indian region, including the opposition leader, Srimati Sushma Swaraj, Bharatiya Janata Party, in Delhi during this on-going monsoon session of the Indian Parliament.

The NDFB(P), at the behest of the peace loving people, is trying its level best to bring about an amicable solution to the long-standing problem of the Boro tribe and other indigenous tribal people once and for all. The NDFB(P) thanked the MPs, who raised the Boroland issue on the floor of the parliament, as well as various political parties that supported the Boroland issue and launched an agitation program for an early solution to the Boroland issue.

“Meanwhile of carrying this lobby and advocacy program, the National Democratic Front of Boroland (Ranjan Daimary), NDFB(R) faction, who are fighting for the ‘Liberation and Sovereignty of Boroland’ (whose leader once declared himself not to deviate and surrender from the principle and ideology of their party) is meting a frequent threat with dire consequence to the leaders of the NDFB(P), who are talking within the constitution of India through phone calls and from various corners of the nation,” stated Information & Publicity Secretary S. Sanjarang of NDFB(P) in their press release.

However, the press release (which was sent by mail), also said, “Our organization strongly condemns the severe threat meted out by the NDFB(R) faction and would reciprocate positively if it is continued. In this connection, the NDFB(P) calls upon the chairman of the Joint Monitoring Group, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India & the Indian Assam State Law Enforcing Authority to look into the matter seriously and provide supportive security arrangement to the leaders and the senior officers of the NDFB(P).” In this connection you may follow the story : Indian Militant Group Appeals to Leaders of Indian Parliament for Separate State

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