Nepalis Call on SPAM to Resolve All Pending Issues Before CA Election.

Today, a coalition of Nepalese organizations collaborated to issue a 12 point demand to the SPAM government of Nepal. The government in Nepal was not elected by the people, but was a coalition of previously failed politicians and the Maoists. The Maoists had carried on an insurgency, killing many thousands of Nepalis, in the name of their “People’s War.”

International pressure, from India, the US, the EU and United Nations forced the King of Nepal to hand over power to the politicians, on the understanding the coalition would bring democracy and hold elections. The elections have been postponed more than once and the unelected politicians appear to be doing their best to postpone them as long as possible.

The interim SPAM government appears to ignore many problems in the country, concentrating more on power games.

The 12 point demand

The Sanatan Dharma Sanskrit and Nepali Center Inc, Foundation of the Nepalese in America (FNA), N & J Entertainment Inc. USA, Nepali Nationalists Organization, USA (NNO), Motherland Nepal and other organizations formally request the SPAM government of Nepal to resolve the following issues raised by the people of Nepal, before conducting any elections for the Constituent Assembly.

  1. We the members and friends of Nepal demand that matters regarding Monarchy, Hindu religion be resolved through a national referendum.
  2. We demand that all the issues raised by our brothers and sisters from the terai be resolved, which is acceptable to the people of Nepal.
  3. We demand that the Government of Nepal not to sign treaties with foreign governments, issue licenses, tenders regarding Nepal’s natural resources from energy, water, communication and other developmental matters.
  4. We demand that all political forces, parties and civic bodies be made transparent and accountable.
  5. We demand that the issues regarding Maoists disarmament, and dissolving of the PLA be done before any elections to create a level playing field.
  6. All demands made by regional bodies from Tharuwan to Limbuwan and others be settled in an amicable manner keeping in mind the natural integrity, unity, sovereignty, independence of the Nepali Nation.
  7. This government and interim parliament does not have the legal authority to declare Nepal a republic, nor a secular nation. We demand that Nepal continue as a Hindu nation and the Monarchy be recognized as being above all controversies and debates.
  8. We demand that Nepal’s internal matters be settled by Nepalese only and no other foreign element, government, or international body be allowed to make Nepal a playground. No external force be given the free hand to do as they please in Nepal.
  9. We demand that Nepal’s national parks, all living environments, bio-diversity, all biome of all plants, birds, animals, and other species be left in their off-limit, no interference status by the present government or future governments of Nepal.
  10. We demand that Nepal be recognized as the ‘Zone of Peace’ by all. This is mainly to neutralize Indian and Chinese ambitions over Nepal. This government make this a central platform of Nepal’s foreign policy.
  11. We demand that all pending issues regarding women be resolved immediately. From 33 per cent representations in parliament, government, army, police and bureaucracy be implemented. Where are the women ambassadors, women vice-chancellors, women justices?
  12. Finally we demand that the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 1990, be revived and restored now. Thus creating a neutral, independent government to conduct a free and fair national elections.

    We conclude by emphasizing that the government resolve these above 12 points immediately. Failing to do so will be an insult to the Nepali people. The above 12 points have been made public and released to the media. Also, these demands are being forwarded to all foreign governments, international organizations and civic bodies.

    Last but not least, we wish to inform all Nepalese to rise up and support these demands to defend and protect an independent Nepal. We offer our prayers to Pashupatinath, Janaki Sita and Enlightened Buddha to bless Nepal and all Nepalese.

    On behalf of the different organizations –

    Sanatan Dharma, Sanskrit and Nepali Center,

    Foundation of the Nepalese in America (FNA),

    N & J Entertainment Inc. USA,

    Nepali Nationalists Organization ‘NNO’,USA

    Motherland Nepal, etc:

    Dr. Kamal Pande

    Bishal B. Shah

    Sher Bahadur Gartaula

    Anil Pande

    Shekhar Dhungel

    Kamala Prasai

    Dharmendra Gopali

    Kuber Thapa

    Nhuchhe Narayan Dangol

    Bandana Koirala

    Rishesh KC

    Santa Lal

    Shiva Risal

    Sanjaya Shahi

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