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India Successfully Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile

Balasore, Orissa: In a show of strength on Tuesday, India successfully test-fired an Agni-II prime ballistic capable missile from Wheeler Island off the Orissa Coast.

The advanced nuclear-capable Agni-II has a strike range of around 3,000 km and it is an advancement over the existing Agni-II, which has a strike range of 2,000 km.

According to available reports this missile which is powered by solid fuel propellants has a better navigation system and shows greater accuracy in comparison to the earlier Agni-II missile.

India has developed a number of variants of the Agni missile series under the Integrated Missile Development Programme (IMDP) with different striking ranges since the 80s.

The first test of the same missile had failed in December last year due to some technical glitches.

Strangely, India is not a signatory to the nuclear non proliferation treaty, .

In a surprise move, the Australian Prime Minister just announced a willingness to export uranium to India, even though this breaks one of the major rules of the Labor Party’s key platform regarding uranium exports – that of only exporting to countries that have signed the NPT.

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