Hindus of the World Demand Restoration of Nepal as a Hindu Nation

As part of the ongoing religious awakening and movement for the restoration of Nepal as a Hindu Rashtra, the Sanatan Darma, Sanskrit and Nepali Center (SDSNC), Inc along with other sponsors held a prayer meeting, “Bichar-Bimochan, Bhajan Karyakram” on Sunday June 10th, 2007.

The program held at Shree Satya Narayan Temple, New York City brought together Hindus from the Tri State Nepali American Community, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Trinidad, Guyana and Nepal. Mr. Bharat Keshar Simha, a former General from the Royal Nepalese Army, and the current President of the World Hindu Federation was honored as the Chief Guest, along with other special guests Shree Swami Parmesworananda of Bharat Sewa Ashram, and President Ratan Lama, of Nepal Democratic Party, and Mr. Sher Bahadur Gadtaula Chaired the karyakram. All presented their ideas, messages expressing solidarity for Nepali Hindus and all Hindus around the world.

The Nepali American community offering its prayers to Lord Pashupatinath gave the clarion call to all Hindus around the world to support and defend Hindu Rastra Nepal.

The program was moderated by Dr. Kamal Pande, the New York based Hindu scholar, social worker and activist. The program started with the welcome prayers and mantra bachan by Kamala Prasai, Vice President of SDSNC Kamala Prasai who is a poet and writer from Nepal, recited mantras thus setting the auspicious religious discourse in course. Ms. Bandana Koirala offered prayers and offering of fruits to the gods. As General Secretary of the Center, Ms. Koirala who is a social activist presented the progress reports and goals of the center. With her vision, intelligence and charming personality, she reported that the Center was committed to the cause of Hindu Rashtra Nepal.

Swami Parmeshworananda of Bharat Sewa Ashram, showed a video presentation regarding the activities of BSA around the world. The Ashrams activities in Nepal, India, Guyana, were highlighted. The charitable, philanthropic and religious activities were truly inspiring to the audience.

In the open forum, Bishal Bikram Shah, Chairman of the Nepali Nationalists Organization (NNO), USA, raised the issue of Hindus in Nepal and expressed his support to the cause of Hindu dharma in Nepal.

Mr. Vijay K. Sigdel, Chairman of Coalition for National Unity and Reconciliation in Nepal and SDSNC and a Nepali Congress Party leader, who is a respected scholar, political activist presented his views and strategies for the success of the movement. Ms. Raju Bhatija Hindu activist expressed her recent experience in India and how the government of India was unable to defend the Hindus. She also exhibited the new controversial Two Rupees coins, that have new symbols that look foreign, and the Ashok Dharma charka no longer shown on the face of the coin.

Mr. Vijay Sigdel called for all Nepali Hindus to rise and fight back against the forces of evil, who have usurped power in Nepal in the name of democracy. Ms. Bhatija who is working actively for the Hindu cause in the villages in India mentioned that the present government of India is ignoring the Hindu population.

Colonel Kuber Thapa, a Nepali Nationalist sang several bhajans accompanied by Nuchhe N. Dangol on the tabala. BK Newa sent his greetings from Nepal to all the participants. Santa Lal Risal, the Treasurer of SDSNC sent his support for the success of the program and the Hindu cause.

Mr. Dharma Dutta and Mr. Patanjali, Hindu activists from the Caribbean nations of Trinidad and Guyana respectively presented their thoughts and experiences about the Hindu people’s struggle in the Caribbean nations. They mentioned that the Government of India is least concerned about the sufferings of the Hindus.

Mr. Patanjali particularly raised the issue regarding the Gorkha regiments in India and Britain, as to what is their allegiance, and religious support. Mr. Dharma Dutta expressed that the Worldwide Hindu movement can gain momentum with unity and resolve.

President Ratan Lama from Nepali Democratic Party said that he is surprised that the present Seven Party Alliance along with the Maoists hurriedly declared Nepal as a secular nation, when no one really asked for it. Hindu Dharma was never the issue in Nepal, the present ruling parties, in an autocratic manner decided to change overnight ignoring the people’s right to vote on such important issue. It is high time that every Hindu, Buddhist unite for the restoration of Hindu Rashtra Nepal.

In the concluding session, the chief guest General Bharat Keshar Simha drew the attention of the audience by stating that the real dharma yuddha has not even started. The two pillars of the Nepali nation, Monarchy and Hindu Dharma along with the Nepali army cannot be weakened that easily. Every one should be alerted to what is happening, and continue on the path of dharma. He highlighted the activities of the World Hindu Federation in thirty six countries around the world including the activities of the organization in Nepal. How tens of thousands of Nepali Hindus have come out in processions demanding Nepal be restored as a Hindu Nation forever.

He proposed that to undo the conspiracy by some political figures in making Nepal a secular country, one must fight back. As an ex army general, he said that he has his plans and strategies for defending Sanatan Dharma. We must all be proud to say we are Hindus first.

During the question and answers session, many concerns were raised. Particularly, what is being done to defend the Hindus of Nepal and their Dharma. What can be done to make our movement successful. How the more than 1 billion Hindu population around the world, who comprise of more than sixteen percent of humanity, must join hands in unity to preserve, defend and nourish our Sanatan Dharma, Sanskrit language and way of life.

In conclusion, Mr. Sher Bahadur Gadtaula, a senior member of the Nepali American Community in New York, a diamond merchant, jeweler, social worker and Hindu Nationalist thanked the participants and audience. Mr. Gadtaula concluded the agenda of the program and demanded that Nepal remain a Hindu Rashtra.

Mr. Gadtaula the chairman for the days program, thanked all the participants, guests, audience and organizers. He particularly thanked, Nhuchhe Dangol, Subhash Nepal, Col. Kuber Thapa, Dharmendra Gopali, Bandana Koirala, and Kamala Prasai who had actively volunteered their time and who have all made the program a grand success. The clarion call is being made to rise up and express solidarity with all our Hindu brothers and sisters, for the restoration of Hindu Rashtra Nepal.

Om Namo Shivaya !! Jai Nepal ! Satya Mayaba Jayate !!

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