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Five North East India Trafficked Girls Returning Home

High Commission of Malaysia alerts NE Communities

Indian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur has finally has arranged to repatriate five North East girls who managed to escape from human traffickers. Malaysian High Commission, New Delhi advices the north east communities to be alert about the human traffickers operating in North Eastern states.

These girls were recruited by Abel and Joe Networking Pte Ltd. based in Singapore four months ago. They were kept in Singapore for first three months without any job and later taken to Kuala Lumpur, where they were forced to work in a night club. After suspecting the motives of traffickers, they managed to escape from their clutches and reported to Indian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur. Indian High Commission sought help from Pastor David in Kuala Lumpur who took them under his shelter.

After a month long struggle to repatriate the girls from Malaysia, finally Indian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur arranged to bring them back home on Saturday.

High Commission of Malaysia, New Delhi spoke to North East Support Centre & Helpline this evening that all the arrangements are done for five girls to be deported on Friday from Kuala Lumpur to Chennai and they will reach Imphal on Saturday.

Earlier on September 29, a delegation led by Public Affair National Secretary of All India Christian Council – Dr. Sam Paul along with Madhu Chandra, and Ms. Lansinglu Rongmei – President of North East Support Centre & Helpline met National Commission for Women, High Commission of Malaysia and Union Minister of Tribal Affair Mr. P. R. Kyndia next day and requested to appeal to the concerned India and Malaysian authorities to repatriate the helpless girls.

“Timely intervention of Malaysian High Commission, National Commission for Women and Union Minister of Tribal Affair, the speedy action are taken by Indian Counterpart authorities to repatriate the girls,” says Madhu Chandra

In connection to the alarming issue of human trafficking, targeting the young women from different parts of North East India, Madhu Chandra says, “The public of the region, particularly the youngsters and guardians must be sensitized about different groups and individuals offering the easy jobs and make ascertain of their genuineness.”

Madhu Chandra appeals to North Easter state Governments and South Asian countries to watch over the activities of Singapore based Abel & Joe Networking Pte Ltd (www.abelnjoe.com) and their branches operating in the north eastern region. The police forces in check posts on state boarders must be alerted about any movement of innocent girls.

There has been reported about 150 girls from North Eastern states have recruited by Abel and Joe Networking Pte Ltd, which operates in recruiting girls from Nepal, Bangladesh and Burma for the job of house maids.

Madhu Chandra says, “Very nature of operation conducted by Abel & Joe Networking Pte Ltd as per their website looks like human business, which can be very easily doubted about human trafficking after formally recruited for house maid work in Singapore.

Ms. Lansinglu rejects the allegation carried by the media that these girls were sold out to sex racket. “They escaped from the traffickers and timely taken in the shelter by Pastor David at Kuala Lumpur.

Madhu Chandra, on behalf of North East communities thanks Pastor David for his parental care and High Commission of Mayalsia, New Delhi for his timely intervention.

North East Support Centre & Helpline is combined initiative of various human rights activists, social workers, students, journalists and lawyers seeking to prevent harassment and abuses meted out to women, North East People and tribal communities of different states.

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