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BJP President Addresses Illegal Bangladeshi Migration in Assam

During a public rally in Guwahati, Assam on Sunday, BJP president Amit Shah said illegal Bangladeshi immigration is a big problem for Assam and for the nation.

He said only BJP can free Assam from illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

“Only BJP will tackle the problem of illegal migration from neighboring Bangladesh. It is our top priority for development in Assam and makes Assam free from terrorism,” Amit Shah said.

Highlighting the achievements of the Modi government, Mr. Shah claimed prices of essential commodities rose daily during the tenure of the previous Congress-led UPA government, but the Modi government brought rising prices under control.

The BJP president attacked Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi, saying that many scams were unearthed during the 10 year tenure of the UPA government.

“We are on a mission for a corruption-free India,” Amit Shah said.

“Congress is a corruption party and they are looting India,” Amit Shah said.

“Rahul BABA had not seen anything changing in present India, developing India. Change your mindset,” the BJP president said.

He claimed that his party will win the next assembly poll in Assam and also other states.

“The people of the state will make a Congress-free Assam,” Amit Shah said.

During the last leg of his eight day tour around the North Eastern region, the BJP president claimed security throughout the country has improved since the Modi government came to power.

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