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US, UN Condemn ISIL Targeting LGBTs, Work With Iran Which Hangs Them


ISIL Broadcasts Their Crimes Against LGBTs

With the widespread news that ISIL is not only targeting women and innocent civilians but also LGBT individuals, the United States of America and the Security Council voiced strong condemnation of the group’s violent and systematic targeting of the gay community.

In a meeting in New York, U.S. Permanent Representative to UN Samantha Power said the US and Security Council are coming together to condemn crimes against LGBT persons committed by ISIL.

Ms. Power highlighted that it is the first time in history that the Council has held a meeting on the victimization of LGBT persons.

“It is the first time we are saying, in a single voice, that it is wrong to target people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.” – Ms. Power.

LGB families, like these in a 2007 pride parade, are labeled as nonheterosexual by researchers for a variety of reasons.

In addition, condemning ISIL’s violent and systematic targeting of LGBT persons is one crucial step and easiest way they can take for this moment.

ISIL Promotes Violence Against LGBT Persons

According to Ms. Power, ISIL does not try to hide its crimes against LGBT persons. In fact, the militant group broadcasts them for all the world to see.

“Many of us have seen the videos.” – Ms. Power

To cite an example, ISIL recently paraded a man through the streets and beat him for being gay. For some, ISIL marching men to the tops of buildings and throwing them to their deaths for being gay.

Allegedly in Syria, one man was known to have an affair with a man. He was blindfolded, walked up stairs of a building, and then heaved off its roof. However, his suffering did not end there for he survived the fall. But he died when he was stoned to death by a mob that waited for him below. The worst thing is that kids in the crowd were reportedly encouraged to grab stones and take part.

UN Resolution Advancing Rights Of LGBTs

In November 2011, for the first time in history, the UN adopted a resolution dedicated to advancing the basic and fundamental human rights of LGBT persons.

The US considered the vote at the Human Rights Council marked a major victory for defenders of human rights.

The U.S. delegation voted yes in Geneva, and reaffirmed a basic American promise: to fight discrimination in any guise and to embrace diversity in every form.

The vote marked the beginnings of universal recognition that LGBT persons are endowed with the same inalienable rights as all human beings and entitled to the same protections as all human beings.

The United Nations has codified and enshrined the promise of equality for LGBT persons.

In addition, the United States is now a member of the LGBT Core Group at the United Nations – a decision that was long overdue.

Secretary Kerry, the State Department and President Obama continue to work with Iran even though and Iran continues to hang homosexuals.

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