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US Says ‘Iran Has No Justification for Enriching Uranium’


U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo today said Iran has no justification for enriching uranium and not for peaceful uses.

“I think we had a very good discussion in the Council where a number of countries also expressed serious concern. We have very serious concerns about this blatant disregard for fulfillment of their international obligations.” -Ms. DiCarlo

Iranian newspaper clip from 1968 reads: A quarter of Iran’s Nuclear Energy scientists are women. The photograph shows some female Iranian PhDs posing in front of Tehran’s research reactor.

She said the United States has made it very clear and called on Iran to cease uranium enrichment and to come back to negotiations with the P5 plus 1. She pointed out that the international community wants a negotiated solution that restores international confidence that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful in nature-exclusively peaceful in nature-while certainly enabling Iran to peaceful uses of nuclear energy consistent with NPT obligations.

“Now, a year ago we passed very strict sanctions on Iran, the most comprehensive ever. Those sanctions are being implemented, and President Ahmadinejad himself has acknowledged to his own parliament that they’re having an impact.” -Ms. DiCarlo

She stressed that the U.S. goal is to work with its partners to ensure that sanctions are fully and robustly implemented.

“We will continue working with partners here on the Council and elsewhere to that end.” -Ms. DiCarlo

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