Turkish Shelling Kills 28 ISIS Fighters in Syria

Turkish Shelling Was Retaliation For ISIS Rockets

At least 28 Islamic State fighters were killed by fierce Turkish shelling in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

The Turkish artillery and rocket launchers hit 58 Islamic State army targets, resulting in the demise of some ISIS fighters.

The latest Turkish shelling was in retaliation after the Turkish border town of Kilis was hit last week by rockets from ISIS-controlled territory in northern Syria.

The Turkish border town of Kilis has been hit by rockets from Islamic State-controlled territory more than 70 times since January, killing 21 civilians.

The Turkish border province of Kilis is about 60 kilometers north of Syria’s Aleppo.

Turkey and Western Allies Collaborate?

According to reports, the Turkish military sought help from its western allies in defending their border. Previously, Turkish retaliation against any strikes included artillery barrages into northern Syria. But for recent months, it was difficult to hit mobile Islamic State targets with howitzers. That’s why they needed more help from Western allies in defending the border.

Last week, the Islamic State militants captured territory from Syrian rebels in an area near the Turkish border, leading them closer to Azaz, a town 6 km (4 miles) from the Turkish border.

People in Kilis Live in Fear

Kilis is a cozy town and the best place for baklava and kebabs. But the people in the town in recent months have been living with fear as rockets from Syria breaking a calm in the Turkish town.

Residents each day were overwhelmed with fear and praying for their safety. The culprit was the Islamic State group in Syria.

As war in Syria continues unabated, the turmoil has eventually spilled into neighboring Turkey. In recent months Kilis has been targeted by the ISIS extremist group.

Selim Bayturkmen, an editor for a local newspaper, said “At the moment, people in Kilis live in panic and fear.

Turkish shelling was retaliation for ISIS rocket attacks. Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay
A rocket launcher. Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

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