Tourism Rebounds in Egypt: Here’s Why Its A Great Location Again

Tourism rebounds in Egypt after plummeting due to unrest in the area. A revolt in 2011 and a bombing in 2015 kept people away. However, the government is settling, and tourism is coming back. Although it hasn’t reached the levels before the revolution (14.7 million visitors in 2010), more visitors are immersing themselves in the fascinating history of an ancient civilization.

Tourism Rebounds in Egypt

In 2017, tourism had reached 8.3 million, 54 percent higher than the previous year. In 2018, tourism revenues grew a whopping 77 percent compared to 2017. This earned Egypt the title of the World Tourism Organization’s world’s fastest-growing travel destination with a growth of 55 percent.

Tourists are now choosing to take a tour of Egypt thanks to both classic sights and new additions.

As tourism rebounds in Egypt, the country is being restored to its former glory as a choice tourist destination, and here’s why:

The Longest River in the World

The River Nile is the longest in the world, spanning 4,132 miles or 6,650 km. It flows north, starting in central Sudan and running through the entirety of Egypt until it reaches the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s worth visiting the Nile just to see it, but there are also tours, water recreation, fishing opportunities, beaches, and more. The wildlife, including hippos and crocodiles, also excites tourists.

A Desert Oasis

Siwa Oasis is a popular destination for tourists who can wander through an ancient city dating back to 9,000 BC. It’s an important historical site with fresh water, vegetation, stunning architecture, and more in the middle of a vast desert.

Relaxing Beaches

Egypt isn’t all sand and dry air. There are beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, located at the country’s northern border. Hurghada, in particular, has become a premier tourist destination. New resorts are popping up all over the beach line, attracting visitors from around the world.

Underwater Shipwrecks

Egypt’s northern waters are actually a treasure trove of underwater ship wrecks dating back thousands of years. Several sunken ships date back to Roman times, and new discoveries are attracting scuba divers to Egyptian shores.

Egypt’s coastline is also known for stingrays and tropical marine life, making it a fantastic destination for diving.

Wonders of the World

The Pyramids of Giza are Egypt’s most visited destination, as they are part of the original Seven Wonders of the World. It’s a mystery how these massive structures were constructed by hand to create such a perfect, strong collection of rooms and palaces.

Other lists have been made defining new world wonders, and The Valley of the Kings, Sphynx statues, and a few other sites have been named on these lists.

These sites are probably the main reason for the tourism rebound.

Ancient Kings

The Valley of the Kings is a historical and archeological wonder. This is the location where Egyptian pharaohs were buried. Many of the tombs are a mystery, but famous rulers like King Tut were put to rest here.

Camel Rides

There aren’t many destinations where tourists can travel between infamous destinations on camelback. Egypt offers this unique experience as a unique tourist attraction.

Spa Resorts

Egypt is credited for several ancient spa remedies, such as water and sand baths. They’ve developed many remedies to treat muscle injuries, improve breathing, and cure skin problems. Their Egyptian spas located in the beautiful desert oasis are designed for vacationers.


Egyptian food is most commonly associated with other foods found in the Middle East, but with a unique spin. Classic dishes are flavorful and bold, unlike the bland foods common in America.

There’s little meat, but plenty of beans, lentils, pasta, and local vegetables. Sambousak, kebabs, molokhevya, and koshary are most famous.

The World’s Largest Open-Air Museum

There’s a colorful, vibrant city in Egypt called Luxor, which is known for hosting the world’s largest open-air museum. It features decorative pillars, old ruins, remains of ancient Egyptian temples, and more.

In order to revive tourism efforts, the museum has introduced some new and exciting exhibits, including a 5,000-piece funerary collection from King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

One of the World’s Oldest and Largest Libraries

Alexandria, a city founded by Alexander the great around 300 BC, is home to one of the world’s largest libraries. It once contained 500,000 ancient books, but it was destroyed in the 14th century by an earthquake. Some books were salvaged, and the architecture remains, so visitors can still walk through history when visiting this famed Egyptian city.

Egypt is coming back as a must-travel destination. Tourists simply can’t stay away from the archeological wonders, ancient history, and vibrant culture of this Middle Eastern desert.

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