Syrian Forces Resume Brutal Shelling of Homs

After two days of diminished violence after a year of murderous rampage in war-hit Syria, the Syrian forces today has resumed their brutal shelling of Homs, and shot innocent mourners at a funeral in Aleppo.

In her explanation of vote at the Adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2042, Ambassador Susan E. Rice said this resumed violence casts serious doubts yet again on the regime’s commitment to a cessation of violence.

“Despite this aggression, the Syrian opposition has largely refrained from responding and has honorably sought to extend the fragile calm.” -Ms. Rice

The UN and Arab League’s Joint Special Envoy for Syria, Kofi Annan (left), meets with Major General Robert Mood of Norway, who has been appointed to lead a technical team from the UN to Syria. UN Photo/Fabrice Arlot

The regime’s tanks, heavy weapons, and troops maintain their choke hold on population centers, ready to resume attacks at any time, Ms. Rice reported.

Towns and large areas remain cut off, and the Asad regime maintains snipers and roadblocks throughout Syria, she added.

She says reports continue to come in that protesters have been killed and arrested, and thousands of activists remain detained.

“The Syrian government must meet all of its commitments, not the bare minimum. And it must do so now.” -Ms. Clinton

The suffering of the Syrian people has gone on far too long. For many months they protested peacefully, only to be met with violent retribution from their own government, she noted.

When some protesters finally dared to respond in self-defense, the retribution got immeasurably worse, she said.

Ms. Rice says the Arab League proposed a way forward to end the violence and meet the aspirations of the Syrian people.

However, the regime of Bashar Asad responded with broken promises, only to be followed by intensified violence.

In the final days before April 12th, Ms. Rice reports that the world saw an outrageous escalation of violence by the Asad regime, including the stepped up use of heavy artillery on civilian areas and Syrian forces firing across borders into Turkey and Lebanon.

With its claim to finally ready to step from its murderous policies, the Security Council passed a resolution will judge the Syrian regime by its actions, not its words.

Yesterday, the Council has authorized an advance group of monitors to verify the Syrian government’s compliance.

“In doing so, the Council has taken a step towards fulfilling its own responsibilities. And it’s about time.” -Ms. Rice

The resolution just adopted reaffirms the Council’s support for all elements of the Envoy’s plan, including an immediate end to violence, securing humanitarian access, and a Syrian-led political transition that meets the democratic aspirations of the Syrian people, she added.

The resolution stresses that the Syrian government must immediately fulfil its remaining obligations to bring about a full cessation of violence.

The resolution also emphasizes the necessity of the Syrian government immediately withdrawing all its troops and heavy weapons from population centers and returning its soldiers and their equipment to their barracks.

Earlier this week, with the recent announcement by Syrian regime to cease all military actions, the United States stressed it will be watching closely to see how things develop in the ground in the turmoil-hit country.

Syrian government has ceased military actions as of 6:00 a.m. (Damascus time) on Thursday, 12 April 2012.

Last week, the Syrian Government told Mr. Annan that it would begin immediately, and by April 10th will complete, the cessation of all forward deployment and use of heavy weapons and will complete its withdrawal from population centers.

Earlier this year, Ban Ki-Moon, the United Nations Secretary General, has appointed his predecessor, Kofi Annan, as international (UN-Arab League) Special Envoy to Syria. The UN comunique underscored that “The Special Envoy will provide good offices aimed atbringing an end to all violence and human rights violations, and promotinga peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.”

On his visit to Syria’s capital Damascus on March 12, Mr. Kofi Annan urges President Bashar al-Assad to embrace change and reforms.

Mr. Annan’s six-point plan to end the violence was submitted during his visit to Damascus last month.

On 27th of March, Mr. Annan reported that the Syrian government had accepted the six point-plan and pledged to implement it.

The year-long brutal violence inflicted by the Government of Syria on its own people has caused close to 10,000 deaths. The conflict has drove almost 45,000 Syrians out of their country and many more out of their homes. There were grotesque destruction caused by Syria’s own armed forces of Syrian towns and neighborhoods.

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