Horrific Human Rights Crisis Emerges in Syria

The Syrian government continues to use lethal force against peaceful protesters which killed over 1000 civilians since the start of turmoil in the region.

United States Permanent Representative to the UN Human Rights Council Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe said the Human Rights Council held a Special Session on the urgent human rights crisis emerging in Syria just six weeks ago.

Ms. Donahoe reiterated that the Council unequivocally condemned the use of violence against peaceful protestors by Syrian authorities. It has and called upon the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to urgently dispatch a mission to Syria to investigate the Government’s ongoing violations of its citizens’ human rights.

“But the Syrian government has chosen intransigence and not allowed the High Commissioner’s office to enter Syria to investigate the Government’s ongoing human rights violations and crimes.”-Ms. Donahoe

Ms. Donahoe stated that the Syrian government continues to use its military and security forces against peaceful protestors, and over 1000 civilians have died. She highlighted that the region and the wider international community have been shocked by horrific reports of torture and arbitrary arrests, and widespread use of lethal violence against peaceful protestors.

“Today, the Human Rights Council has spoken again and used its voice to pressure the Syrian authorities to stop these human rights violations.”-Ms. Donahoe

Ms. Donahoe stressed that the international community demands the immediate halt of violent repression by Syrian security forces. The world calls on the Syrian authorities to establish credible, independent and transparent investigations into the abuses and accountability for those who perpetrated them.

She underscored that her statement will show the resolve of the international community to support human rights at a time of great conflict, unrest, and transition throughout the Middle East.

Ms. Donahoe stressed that the United States strongly supports the universal rights of the Syria people, including the rights of peaceful assembly, freedom of expression, and the ability to determine their own destiny.

“These are human rights. They are universal. They are not negotiable. They must be respected in every country. And they cannot be denied through violence or suppression.”-Ms. Donahoe

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