Hassan Rouhani Wins Iran’s 11th Presidential Election

Moderate candidate Hassan Rouhani was declared as the new president of Iran.

Reports say Mr. Rouhani won the election by garnering 50.71 percent of the total votes.

The new president-elect won more then 18,000, 000 votes. His propaganda for reform reportedly gave him an edge to gain more votes and meet majority of Iranians’ desire for change as well.

Reports say Hassan Rouhani is a Shiite cleric and has a strong campaign calling for “reconciliation and peace.”

US admires the courage of the Iranian people for the conduct of the election

Hassan Rouhani was born Hassan Feridon Hasan Fereydun on 12 November 1948 and an Iranian politician, Shia Mujtahid, lawyer, academic and diplomat, who is currently the Presidentelect of Iran.

In a press statement issued by US Secretary John Kerry, the US has monitored and witness the announcement by Iran’s Interior Ministry that Hassan Rouhani has been declared the winner of the country’s 11th presidential election.

“We admire the courage of the Iranian people who went to the polls and made their voices heard in a rigidly controlled environment that sought to limit freedom of expression and assembly.” – Secretary Kerry

He says the US remains concerned about the lack of transparency in the electoral process, and the attempts to censor members of the media, the internet, and text messages.

Albeit these challenges, however, the Iranian people have clearly expressed their desire for a new and better future, he added.

However, Secretary Kerry says the US sees that President-elect Rouhani pledged repeatedly during his campaign to restore and expand freedoms for all Iranians.

In the months ahead, he says Rouhanin has the opportunity to keep his promises to the Iranian people.

“We, along with our international partners, remain ready to engage directly with the Iranian government.” – Secretary Kerry

The US hopes Iran will honor their international obligations to the rest of the world in order to reach a diplomatic solution that will fully address the international community’s concerns about Iran’s nuclear program.

US boosts Iran’s access to information

Earlier this month, as Iranian authorities continue to stifle Iranian citizens’ access to information, the United States of America issued a general license authorizing the exportation to Iran of certain services, software, and hardware incident to personal communications.

The United States took a coordinated effort to enhance the ability of the Iranian people to access communication technology.

The new license will help Iranians communicate through social media, text messaging and mobile-phone videos to counter the regime’s repression of freedom of expression.

U.S. State and Treasury departments administered the sanctions imposed on consumer electronics since 1992. But with the new lifting of the sanction, the new license will allow sales to non-government consumers involving U.S. hardware such as mobile telephones and laptop computers, and software such as antivirus programs.

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