Hamas Steals Mickey Mouse Image, Teaches Hate, Islamic Supremacy to Children

As if there wasn’t already enough hate, Hamas Television is teaching Palestinian children to hate, by using a clone of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, at Palestinian Media Watch, revealed that Hamas TV teaches their young viewers to aspire to what they say is Islam’s inevitable and impending world domination. The children’s TV show teaches hatred of both Israel and America.

Disney has not approved the use of their symbol.

The name of the Hamas look-alike is Farfur, a squeaky-voiced costumed adult actor. Farfur is the star of the show, Tomorrow’s Pioneers, which runs once each week. Appearing with Farfur is Saraa’, his young co-host. She and Farfur teach their child viewers about the importance of daily prayers and drinking milk, but also much more sinister things. They take every opportunity to indoctrinate their viewers with Islamic supremacy, hatred of Israel, hatred of the US and support of terror, which Hamas calls “resistance.”

Hamas mouse clone
Hamas mouse clone. Photo: Palestinian Media Watch

Marcus and Crook report:

“Farfur tells children that they must pray in the mosque five times a day until there is world leadership under Islamic leadership. The earnest and soft-spoken Saraa’ explains that the nucleus of this world Islamic leadership will be from all of Palestine, i.e., including Israel. Farfur refers to Israel as the oppressive invading Zionist occupation, which the children must resist.”

In addition, they report that the young co-host gives a religious warning to the very young children who watch this show. She says that after death, the children will have to answer to Allah for what they did or did not do for the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, and for Palestinian prisoners.

“I remind you that Al-Aqsa and the prisoners are a responsibility on our shoulders, and Allah will ask us on Resurrection Day what we gave for their sake.”

Hamas, through the TV show, effectively indoctrinates very young palestinian children. The use of the famous and beloved Mickey Mouse icon to teach Islamic supremacy and resistance is both powerful and effective.

Hamas encourages its child viewers to call in by phone, so they can recite poems containing hate and violence. These poems include such things as “We will destroy the chair of the despots, so they will taste the flame of death,” and, “Rafah sings ‘Oh, oh.’ Its answer is an AK-47. We who do not know fear, we are the predators of the forest.”

Marcus and Crook says it is unclear is there is any screening process used in the selection of poems broadcast to air. They suggest that the themes may be selected by adult screeners, to reinforces the hate orientation of the program, or there may be little screening, and the hateful messages may be the initiative of viewers – children and parents. If that is the case, they say it demonstrates the success of the hate messages broadcast by the TV show.

Here is a song recited by a child on one show:

[A girl called Harwa recites a song:]
“We liberated Gaza by force
From your death…
The people firmly stand
In their fire is a flame
Rafah sings “oh, oh”
Its answer is an AK-47
We who do not know fear
We are the predators of the forest.”

[And a boy called Muhammad reads a poem:]
“Oh Jerusalem, we are coming…
Oh Jerusalem, we will never surrender to the enemy,
We will never be humiliated,
It is beloved Palestine that taught us what to be
And taught us to be the soldiers of the Lord of the Worlds
We will destroy the chair of the despots, so they will taste the flame of death.
We will lead a war.”

These two examples come from Al Aqsa TV, April 30, 2007.

The researchers say the show’s writing is sophisticated. They make Farfur’s performance funny and entertaining, with comic timing, but always reinforces their plan for world domination. They also show that their plan is always moving forward, such as when they reference Ariel Sharon, and then remember that he is already dead.

These are the children Hamas grooms to continue their terror war.

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