Clerical Regime Plans To Launch New Shows Against Ashraf Residents

The Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and the terrorist Quds Force, in cooperation with Iraq’s Prime Minister’s office, plan to launch new shows against Ashraf residents in a bid to prepare the ground for another massacre in Ashraf.

As one of these shows, about 100 members of the IRGC and Bassij are supposed to be dispatched to the Ashraf entry circle and Tulips sq. in Ashraf to stage rallies and sit-in against the PMOI. In this absurd show that is scheduled for Saturday, August 13, these agents are going to claim that their family members have been killed in Iran by the PMOI and thereby they are asking for the trial and punishment of the Ashraf residents. As the second step of their plan, they seek to block the entrance road to Ashraf and prevent entry of food and other logistical items into Ashraf.

According to this plan, once the sit-in has been staged, the Iranian regime affiliated press and TV stations will give coverage to this absurd show and the regime’s hirelings in Iraq will attend the event under the guise of tribal sheikhs and Iraqi figures to support the regime’s agents.

The religious fascism ruling Iran that has failed to gain anything from the 18-month-long psychological torture of Ashraf residents by its Intelligence agents under the guise of ‘families’ using 300 loudspeakers, has now resorted to employ its Bassij and IRGC mercenaries under the name of “victims of the PMOI’s terrorism”.

In yet another plot, Iran’s embassy in Iraq plans to stage a conference against the PMOI in Diyala province on August 10. In this conference, a number of the regime’s hirelings in Iraq are supposed to demand expulsion of the Ashraf residents through repeating previous blatant claims that the PMOI has occupied agricultural lands of inhabitants. In order to organize such shows, the mullahs’ regime has taken a number of its agents to Iran over the past few weeks to brief them directly on their new missions. One of these agents is a person by the name of Nafe Issa who travelled to Iran along with 25 other agents. They spent 10 days in Kermanshah, Tehran and Mashhad. They were briefed not only in Tehran and Kermanshah but also in Mashhad by the Habilian Association, a branch of the MOIS that has a role in organizing this new show.

While warning against Iranian regime’s blatant stage settings for another bloodbath in Ashraf, the Iranian Resistance urges the United States to undertake protection of Ashraf residents based on its international obligations and not allow the mullahs’ regime and its puppet government in Iraq to implement their ominous plots for the annihilation of Ashraf residents.

Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.