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Bahrain Activist Questions Impartiality of World Rights Bodies


The impartiality and subjective approach of various international human rights organizations have been questioned by a Bahraini politician. Lawmaker and human rights activist Faisal Fulad has accused Frontline and Amnesty International among other famous organisations of being one-sided when it comes to evaluating various situations related to Bahrain. He said that those organisations support whatever reports are forwarded to them by unofficial Bahrain-based organizations.

“Wrong reports about Bahrain could affect its business, progress and stability and that couldn’t be tolerated by its citizens, while those organizations should be responsible enough to check the accuracy of information they are receiving, as they were formed to promote human rights and not disturbances in the world,” Fulad said.

As a General-Secretary of the Bahrain Human Right Watch Society, Fulad has contacted all international human rights organizations to highlight his and majority of Bahrainis’ perspectives about their biased approach towards various incidents that have occurred in Bahrain recently.

Fulad specifically referred to the case of Jaffer Kadhim Ibrahim Ahmed earlier this year, when unofficial societies here claimed he was kidnapped and beaten up by some Bahrain security personnel. “The societies rushed to accuse the security forces without waiting for the investigation results, while Public Prosecutor revealed later that the matter was nothing more than a family dispute,” he clarified.

“Those organizations supported the accusations before contacting government officials or checking the accuracy of the information.” According to an official statement by the Ministry of Interior published in its Media Centre’s Web site, Kadhim was involved in an affair with the sister of two Bahrainis who saw her in his car, stopped them, beat up their sister and then took Ibrahim away when he too was beaten up to defend their family honour. The woman herself, her father and a brother had subsequently confessed to the sequence of events.

Brij Sharma is an Indian journalist and editor based in Bahrain. Brij tells us the interesting stories we don’t usually hear from the middle east country.

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