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US Welcomes Israeli, Palestinian, and Quartet Envoys Meetings


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said the United States welcomes and support the Israeli, Palestinian, and Quartet Envoys meetings on 3rd of January.

Foreign Minister Judeh of the Jordan will host two meetings, one with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators and the Quartet envoys, and a second meeting between the Israeli and Palestinian representatives.

“We welcome and support this positive development. I applaud the efforts of the King and Foreign Minister Judeh to bring the parties together and encourage them to approach these meetings constructively. I have been in close contact with Foreign Minister Judeh and with Special Envoy David Hale.” -Ms. Clinton

Robert H. Serry (front, right), UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon’s Envoy for the Middle East Diplomatic Quartet, goes over notes with Mr. Ban before his meeting with the Quartet in Munich, Germany. UN Photo/Mark Garten

She said when she met with the other Quartet principals on September 23rd they put forward a framework for resuming direct negotiations between the parties. She said progress toward this goal would not be easy. She highlighted it is essential that both sides take advantage of the opportunity.

She stressed that the Quartets are hopeful that the direct exchange can help move forward on the pathway proposed by the Quartet.

She reiterated that the need for a lasting peace is more urgent than ever. She said the status quo is not sustainable and the parties must act boldly to advance the cause of peace.

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