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The Enemy Is Who?

Shimon Peres at World Econonic Forum in Jordan
Shimon Peres at World Econonic Forum in Jordan

Until Israel eradicates the Israeli enemy within, red lines have been are and will be crossed.

Shimon Peres has been a problem for Israel for many years. Yet, for some depraved reason Israel allows him to continue harming its existence.

I have written years ago that Peres should be filed away and removed as far as possible from politics. But it appears that Israelis get masochistic pleasure to keep him on the front line of Israel’s politics.

Sadly, watching President Shimon Peres images while he attended the World Economic Forum conference in Jordan, I must admit, he does not look well; with all due respect, he seems very confused and detached.

Shimon Peres at World Econonic Forum in Jordan

Peres will celebrate his 90th birthday this year and we all wish him well. That does not take away from the alarming fact that he is delusional about peace in our time with the Arabs, a delusion that goes back years and have brought about the death of hundreds of Israelis with impunity.

With Peres spreading lies about Israel and Israel’s enemy, all that remains is to pray, “May G-d help us.”

Peres has been at his political game for as long as modern Israel has been in existence, not all clean game. He has tried answering for all the living, he has not answered, even once, for the dead.

The ruling elite in Israel refuse to recognize that they will be destroyed along with the rest of the population; they refuse to recognize the fact that the Arabs want to destroy the Jewish state and all Jews living there and peace with them is hallucination and delusion they are selling to whoever is buying it. As long as this does not change the situation will remain bad and will get worse. And unless the Israeli elite, that includes Peres, begin telling the truth and end selling lies nothing will change.

The e-activist Jack Engelhard tells us that some years ago Shimon Peres, Israel’s grand diplomat came to New Jersey to speak at Temple Beth Shalom synagogue in Cherry Hill where he found an audience of some 1,500 whom he charmed and thus they agreed with all he spoke about, from A to Z, or if you wish, from Aleph to Taf.

Refusing to face the evil standing in front of you reminds us of the Biblical story of Balak and Bilʻam Ben-Be’or’s prophecies. Balak the king of Mo’ab was worried of the arrival of the Israelites to his land’s boundaries so he invited Bilʻam to curse Israel.

After negotiations between Bilʻam and the emissaries of Mo’ab and Bilʻam with God, and after he accepted God’s term along which he will only speak the words God puts in his mouth, Bilʻam leaves for Mo’ab. On his way Bilʻam faces an angel to ascertain his mission from God. Bilʻam does not see the angel but his donkey does. The donkey attempts to avoid the angel and deviates from the main road to a full halt, refusing to move while Bilʻam strikes the poor donkey. God opens the donkey’s mouth and Bilʻam, after a conversation with the animal understands his predicament.

Bilʻam approaches Balak who offers him money to curse Israelites and fails in his attempt to deliver the curse three times (Numbers 22-24). What comes out of his mouth is blessing and praise for Israel. After Balak expressed his disappointment, he added his own prophecy mainly the future of the nations in the region. At the end of the chapter the Peor sin occurs: the Israelites sin by enticing Moab women and bowing to Moab idols. As a result a deadly plague hits the Israelites camp, stopped by Pinchas, the grandson of Aaron, Moses’ brother after he stabbed to death an Israeli leader who engaged, in public, with a Moabean prostitute. (Numbers 31:16)

Shimon Peres is indeed not G-d’s messenger as Bilʻam was, but Arafat and Abbas are Israel’s enemy just like Balak was. However, one cannot help seeing similarities in the two case stories. More so, the outcome of modern Israel’s case, which Peres does not curse or blesses, rather subverts, is a plague of appeasement and defeatism Israel cannot bring itself to end.

Of course none of this is a simple matter, especially when Peres was among the founders of the Jewish state. He was the influential power to have helped build Israel’s military, particularly its Air Force, its electronic aircraft industry and its nuclear deterrence program. One cannot help thinking that, to a degree, without Peres Israel may not be what it is today, for good or bad.

At Temple Beth Shalom synagogue in Cherry Hill, New Jersey Peres spoke about exactly what he speaks about today, all either utter lies, obfuscation of the truth and bad advice:

1. Israel must “give up” the “occupation.” (Note the word “occupation” from an Israeli statesman.)

2. Stick to the strategy of relinquishing the “West Bank” to the Arabs.

3. The Israelis must do what they can to end the conflict, no matter at what cost or risk, with no such burden upon the Arabs, at least not in Peres’ world. The Oslo Accords my friends, of which Peres was the architect, have been a disastrous mistake he refuses to see and takes responsibility for, even not for the Jewish lives’ toll it has brought about that continues till today.

4. The Arab-Palestinians have finally realized [Have they? So why they fully support terror?] that the terrorists in their midst are the real enemy, not Israel.

From Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to Jerusalem heads nod with approval when Peres opens his mouth. They agree with Peres’ statement that Israel must not rule as a master over another people.

Peres does not draw rebuke when he compares the Israeli “occupation” to the captivity of the Israelites in Egypt. He does not draw rebuke to this lie that Israel is “occupying” land, nor to other lies he often tells.

When Peres says, “You have to fight the reasons for terror,” for him, reason is the communities [settlements] in Judea and Samaria, Israel’s “occupation” of that land and the concessions she must make. These are words of incitement an Israeli leader voices regularly, which aids and abets the intentions of Israel’s enemies to delegitimize the state. And no one stops the man.

Peres, Kerry and Abbas

One will tend to think that as a president of a country, who regularly crosses the boundaries of his job, Peres will be honest to admit that since Oslo, de facto, the Arab-Palestinians have been living under the “occupation” of Arafat and then Abbas and the Palestinian Authority.

What is with Shimon Peres that perturbs me so much? I think he is a dangerous political dreamer.

Engelhard tells us that during the Q and A at Temple Beth Shalom synagogue, a daring person wearing a yarmulke asked Peres if he needed to ask for forgiveness during the Jewish Holy Days for inflicting the Oslo Accords upon the Jewish State.

The man who would be twice the prime minister of the state of Israel had that to say without a pause, “I was right. The Oslo Accords were a good thing. Better yet, Yasser Arafat was a noble person and first Arab to promise to recognize Israel’s right to exist and its right to boundaries suitable to its sovereignty and self-defense.” Yes, Arafat had promised, but what in fact he did immediately thereafter was to have launched a terror and media war on Israel that continues, in different forms, till today. But that is too much for Peres to admit to and apologize for.

We never hear Peres talk about Arafat’s failure to keep his promises, not even one of them; not a word about this most essential part of any agreement, all which the Arabs failed to adhere to and comply with.

I dare Peres, who I assume is still struck by the glory of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for the peace he never delivered with his Oslo Accords ideas, to admit that Arafat reneged on all he signed in the Oslo Accords, starting while his signature’s ink was still very wet.

And who will apologize for the tens of hundreds Israeli killed and maimed for the peace that was never achieved and now is farther than ever from achieving? Will he, Peres, the architect of Oslo finally do the apologizing?

Or will Peres apologize for bringing home the term delegitimize Israel, which the Oslo Accords gave birth to?

Does American Jewry know all the above? How many Israelis do?

When Peres mentions his dead friend Arafat and now his partner to peace Abbas, he speaks of them as equal and honest negotiators, no mention they are terrorists; Arafat wore the head cover keffiyeh and Abbas wears a suit and that is the only difference between these two who have Jewish people’s blood on their hands.

Arafat did not own the “charm” Abbas has, the charm that helped him to defeat Israel in every arena possible but militarily. Only Peres and his followers still think Israel has the upper hand.

Peres in Jordan tired and confused

It is difficult to beat a man at his own game, a game Peres has been at since the establishment of Israel. More so, there is the notion that no one in Israel has the power to stop him, as they did not have the power to stop Moshe Dayan when he gave the keys to Temple Mount to the Islamic Waqf.

Peres no longer has the answers for all the living, not for me anyhow. He definitely will not answer for the dead, those who died because of his mistakes.

What we, those who see the state of Israel playing a pivotal role in the ongoing existence of the entire Jewish nation, need to ask each other: Who is our worst enemy, the Arabs and their cohorts or we are? People among us such as Peres?

No political correctness will give us the right answer but the truth will.

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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