Protect Our Children: Droning on About The Drone

“It’s especially troublesome when the very people who are supposed to protect children put them in harm.” Jennifer Andary

My children accuse me of being an overprotective mother.

Guilty as charged.

But what is overprotective and what is good common sense? And do the same rules apply to mothers as to other humans?

When my children were small, there was a child murderer preying on children throughout the area. He was never caught. We all kept our eyes on our own and our neighbors’ kids constantly.

Does it make sense for parents to be cavalier when the facts of life stare them in the face like Bogie stared down Col. Strasser?

What good can ever come of ignoring the obvious?

I had to laugh when I heard President Obama’s response to the Iran capture of a spy drone.

“Please give it back.”

Are you kidding me? That’s like saying to a schoolyard bully, “Please give my lunch money back.”

Seriously, who is that stupid?

At first I was furious. Not since Neville Chamberlain has a world leader been so naive about evil staring him in the face.

Then I thought, *I will give the president the benefit of the doubt, he can’t possibly be so naive at this late date. And what of the CIA and all his other advisors? Does he not care what they say? Or are they even communicating at all?*

I thought any minute we would hear the drone blew up and took all of Iran’s scientists with it. Or the CIA used it as a weapon. Perhaps Mossad is planning to use it for something; like Stuxnet or Iranian pinata.

I couldn’t imagine in a million lifetimes that a technology so advanced could be so recklessly disregarded. Americans paid for that, and it wasn’t a Kmart blue light special, either!

I simply could not believe a sitting president of the United States could ever be so cavalier about American security. Until I remembered Jimmy Carter and suddenly had a “I could’ve had a V-8 moment.”

Okay, so I guess it can happen again.

Still, isn’t the number one job of the President to protect the people of this country? Even Jed Bartlett in the *West Wing*, when faced with a similar situation, told the Premier of Russia he would blow up a spy plane if the Russians attempted to even touch it.

And I actually thought Art imitated life. Another thing I was wrong about. Add it to my ever-expanding list.

In this White House Art doesn’t even enter into it.

Watch the show, Mr. President, and you will see how a real president should act toward an enemy.

Back to reality, so now we see that the pretty please didn’t work.

By now Iran has had a giant Tupperware party and invited Russia, North Korea and every evil empire on the planet.

Along with the pita, hummus and baklava they took apart our spy technology and will soon use it against us.

Can we finally admit ignoring Iran’s evil agenda all these years is a total failure and, like Hitler who was allowed to rearm Germany until it was too late to avoid the consequences, we will soon pay a high price?

The United States eliminated Mubarak in Egypt paving the way for the Muslim Brotherhood. In case anyone has forgotten who these people are, they are the ones who murdered Anwar Sadat after he made peace with Israel.

Moderate? I think not.

Now they have a foothold in Egypt and Libya and soon they will join with Iran to create the caliphate they seek – in the Middle East and beyond.

There is only one little thing standing in their way, Israel.

Our State Department claims they have assurances the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will maintain a peace treaty with Israel, even as they publically deny they will allow Israel to exist.

Hmmm. Should we believe a radical Islamic group will keep its word? Let’s ask Jimmy Carter?

Hey, President Carter how are those Mullahs working out for you instead of the Shah you had such a problem with?

Even Daffy Duck, high on Crack, wouldn’t miss such an obvious agenda.

I am shocked at how foolish the U.S. has become. Our country acts like a mother who hears a dangerous pedophile moved next door and allows her children to play in the unfenced yard alone.

Is this tempting fate or merely stupidity?

Being overprotective gets a bad rap.

It doesn’t exist.

Whether it’s a parent protecting her child from the crazies of this world, or a president protecting his citizens from the evils of the world, there is no such thing as over protective.

There is only good-old-fashioned American horse sense.

Where there is evil present, do not tread.

Where there is danger, stay far away.

When an enemy seeks to destroy you, there is never enough protection.

For who are these citizens of the United States we seek to protect after all?

The children.

It is long past time we had an overprotective Jewish Mother in the white house. Someone annoying, nagging and always cajoling the children to come inside, to stay where she can watch them.

If I didn’t so sharply feel President Obama’s negative attitude toward Jewish people, I would happily offer to teach him how to be an over- protective Jewish mother.

My children can vouch for my expertise.

“Yep, our Mom is crazy and she watches us like a hawk, even now. If she could plant a body guard outside our doors, she would.”

We want a president who will go to the ends of the earth to protect our children and his own.

I remind you Mr. Obama, your kids live here, also.

Iran’s bombs won’t give a damn what or whom they kill.

Maybe it’s high time you did.

Norma Zager is a Jewish woman who lives in the USA.

In the series “Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counterpoint from home.

Israel and the United States are interrelated – the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts – and so is this “point – counterpoint” presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.