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Obama Administration Deeply Committed to Israel’s Peace and Security


U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice today said Obama administration is deeply and permanently committed to Israel’s peace and security.

In her remarks at Annual Leaders Recognition Reception for the Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations, Ms. Rice said the United States remains fully and firmly committed to the peace and security of the Jewish state of Israel.

“From the moment he took office, President Obama’s guidance has been unambiguous: to strengthen and deepen that commitment. He has been clear all along that our special relationship with Israel is deeply rooted in our common interests and our common values.” -Ms. Rice

SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon (centre) lays a wreath at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, in Israel.

UN/Evan Schneider

He noted even in these tough fiscal times, the United States increased foreign military financing to record levels. He said both countries are working jointly to beef up Israel’s security through the Arrow system, and through David’s Sling, and through joint military exercises that have never been more robust.

“That’s why, if you ask members of the uniformed military of Israel or the United States, if you talk to leaders at the Kirya or the Pentagon, you’ll hear the same assessment: the American commitment to Israel’s qualitative military edge has never been stronger. That’s a fact, plain and simple.” -Ms. Rice

He pointed out that the Arab world is undergoing unprecedented political change, and the calls for freedom across the region have only heightened legitimate security concerns.

“But let there be no doubt: we are doing all we can to ensure that Israel remains secure even as the region becomes more free.” -Ms. Rice

He stressed that the Obama Administration has been tireless in its campaign to guarantee that Israel gets fair and equal treatment at the UN.

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