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A Dura
A Dura

Winning the a’Dura case for once and for all.

Emile Zola was a French writer, a major figure in the political liberalization of France and in the exoneration of Jewish army officer Alfred Dreyfus, who was falsely accused and convicted for treason, which is encapsulated in the renowned newspaper headline J’accuse.

Philippe Karsenty can be seen as modern Emile Zola, accusing France state owned France 2 TV channel for the a’Dura blood libel, a hoax the channel pulled off that delegitimizes Israel. In essence this hoax killed many innocent people.

These days Mr. Karsenty is on a speaking engagements tour in the United States; this time he has in his support the government of Israel’s official statement that the Israelis soldiers did not kill the a-Dura [or al-Dura] kid and he remained alive after the shooting incident.

The purpose of Philippe’s tour is to gain support and recruit a good cadre of American lawyers who will sue France 2 TV for the hoax and bring the station to its feet for its wrong doing. Why sue from the USA? Because as the result of the hoax, which was propagated all over the Arab and Moslem world, the Gazan, Jamal al-Dura and his 12-year-old son Muhammad al-Dura became a symbol of the second intifada that began in late September 2000 and ended in 2005 in Israel; because of the hoax, that was seen as truth, Bin Laden used the infamous photo of the child and his father during the shooting incident on the Internet to incite and 9/11 happened a year later.

When the journalist Daniel Pearl was executed, the infamous picture of the father and the son appeared in the background of the execution for the world to see. Bottom line, Americans died because of the hoax.

A Dura

In an evening, at the elegant Los Angeles home of Sarita and Jose Spiwak, to a full house, Philippe went over the sequence of the events and presented his new strategy in reply to the latest verdict.

The French court has reversed an earlier ruling and have found Philippe Karsenty guilty of defaming Charles Enderlin, the France 2 Jerusalem correspondent who broadcast the incendiary account of the death of 12-year-old Muhammad al Dura and France 2 in the al-Dura case. Mr. Karsenty has to now pay 11 thousand euro (approximately 15 thousand dollars) compensation to France 2 and Charles Enderlin. Logically, Mr. Karsenty is accused of being intuitive, for claiming the report was a hoax before the court have seen the evidence and acknowledged the fraud.

From LPhilippe Carsenty, Sarita and Jose Spiwak

The al-Dura, or as the Arabic speaking people pronounce it a’Dura, was the blood libel of our generation against Israel, a total fraud, as a mountain of evidence attests.

For twelve years the Israeli establishment refused to open the case, they did not want to hear of it, they preferred it buried. They did not see it important and could not predict it will evolve to what we see today. The term Pallywood (Arab-Palestinians staging scenes to incriminate Israel) was not yet part of the modern lexicon.

In order for Philippe to get the necessary attention he created a legal battle that required a debate. Today, his main goal is to win the a’Dura battle, close the case with him winning the battle for truth.

From the beginning Mr. Karsenty had to use the French court of justice because the Israeli establishment did not want to deal with him. Yigal Palmor, the spokesman at Ministry for Foreign Affairs said that Philippe’s quest to prove the wrong was counterproductive. To the Israelis he was kind of a nuisance they wanted to see go away, mostly because they are uneducated in media war and do not want to learn. So Philippe enticed the French to sue him and the legal battle began.

Today, the Israeli establishment is still not in Philippe’s corner openly. He knows that the state owned France 2 TV is scared of America. If he can prove that Americans were killed because of the hoax’ then France 2 will be punished for running a hoax as truth. Philippe believes that American law can put pressure on the French Television to confess that a’Dura was a hoax.

As we know, everyone has his or hers own agenda. May ships have sailed and many people were killed but the French TV do not want to let go because the a’Dura case helps them to keep on delegitimizing Israel. But Mr. Karsenty is the a’Dura, the only boy who has been shouting that the king has no clothes, when no one wants to know and admit.

Philippe Karsenty did not discover the a’Dura hoax; he simply saw what others refused to see and refused to deal with. What did people do instead, they propagated the hoax in order to damage Israel’s reputation and strengthen the delegitimization of the Jewish state’s cause. And so Mr. Karsenty looked into their eyes and said, well, not so quickly.

Though he did not discover the big hoax, whoever discovered it has not taken upon himself or herself the cause to correct the wrong and the entire job was left up to Mr. Karsenty and his conscience.

I do not idolizing Mr. Karsenty, rather I appreciate his courage and tenacity.

Every campaign, of whatever kind, needs a soundbite, a selling pitch and a narrative. In the past, to a large degree, we, Jews, have failed miserably in all that.

Philippe Karsenty saw an opportunity to help Israel in her constant battle with libels and all sort of attacks and accusations. He found himself in a long battle for truth, as well as for free speech.

I am sure that many of you, the readers, agree with me that we must find a radical new approach to defending Israel and while we are at it, a brand new sales’ pitch for Israel so she can get out of the mess she so very often and so willingly enters into. Also a radical new approach and a sales’ pitch for the battle we are already deeply in, to prevent our freedom of speech from eroding further.

The West simply cannot fathom and catch fast enough the campaign of hate and terror the Moslems perpetrate against it. The a’Dura incident, fraudulently presented to the world killed and is still killing; it is a blood libel that does not go away.

We are at war against media jihad. What we need now is a grassroots course of action, make noise around the world and like with the Alfred Dreyfus case, win the a-Dura case against all odds.

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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