Israel Defense Forces Birthing Life In Earthquake Devastated Turkey

It’s time to tell the International media the truth about the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which they avoid, so the media can finally get it right and tell the truth about the IDF.

The IDF is Israel Defense Force, meaning Defense and protect military forces.

Here is a hint what the IDF is all about:

Turkey Under Earthquake Destruction

On February 6, 2023 a devastating, 7.8 on the Richter scale, earthquake shook the earth surface of Syria and Turkey that has left thousands of families without shelter in freezing temperatures.

Israel Defense Forces to the Rescue

Israel immediately answered the call to help. An IDF medical delegation, its mission was called “Olive Branches” was sent to Turkey to help after the earthquake that struck the region. The delegation, its commander was Col. (ret.) Golan Vach, who is the commander of Israel’s National Evacuation and Rescue Unit, included representatives from MDA (Magen David Adom, the equivalent to Red Cross), the Ministry of Health and other organizations, a rescue mission, led by the Home Front Command and a medical aid delegation, led by the Technology and Logistics Division.

IDF field hospital in Turkey - Photo courtesy IDF
IDF field hospital in Turkey – Photo courtesy IDF
Israel Defense Forces personnel offloading equipment in Turkey - Photo courtesy IDF
IDF personnel offloading equipment in Turkey – Photo courtesy IDF

In the afternoon of that very day, the first force had already left Israel for Turkey, a small team of experts who would receive the entire delegation when it landed there.

On February 15, 2023, the delegation that was flown to Turkey by Israeli Air Force planes and returned with them to Israel completed its mission.

With this, the “Olive Branches” mission was completed, after helping to rescue 19 people alive while Israel’s medical delegation will continue its mission in Turkey.

IDF Delegation before taking off for Turkey earthquake devastated area - Photo courtesy IDF
IDF Delegation before taking off for Turkey earthquake devastated area – Photo courtesy IDF

Following the earthquake that occurred in the south of Turkey, during which tens of thousands of people were killed and injured, on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, the 17th day in the Hebrew month of Shvat, 5783, the full medical delegation left Israel, which included approximately 150 members of doctors, medics, surgeons, anesthesiologists, X-ray technicians, laboratory technicians, paramedics and medical logistics personnel and had begun its activities in Turkey. The delegation also assisted in the reopening of a local hospital in the city of Kahramanmaraş and provided medical treatment to the wounded in the facility. The IDF delegation also established a field hospital camp in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey.

During the seven days of the Israeli delegation’s stay in Turkey, in its prolonged efforts, its members assisted in providing medical care to over 470 wounded and injured, including about 150 children and about 50 dental patients. In addition, 10 surgical and orthopedic operations were performed. The delegation also treated wounded Syrians who were in Turkey at the time of the earthquake.

The delegation waged a persistent, dedicated and determined struggle, day and night, to save lives, fought for every soul and proved that their professionalism, their dedication, their spirit was second to none. The members of the delegation showed the truest and most beautiful face of the IDF and the State of Israel.

Saving human life is the central value and cornerstone of the medical corps. From the first moment of the delegation landing in Turkey, its members knew that it was their duty to help in saving lives.

The IDF delegation’s mission ended after eight days, working together, shoulder to shoulder with the Turkish teams, with one goal – to save as many lives as possible.

The delegation, its commander Col. (ret.) Golan Vach, on right, who is the commander of Israel's National Evacuation and Rescue Unit - Photo Courtesy IDF
The delegation, its commander Col. (ret.) Golan Vach, on right, who is the commander of Israel’s National Evacuation and Rescue Unit – Photo Courtesy IDF

The State of Israel considers it a great privilege to save lives and help anyone who needs help anywhere.

On Friday February 10, the delegation successfully rescued Ridban, a nine-year-old boy who was trapped under the rubble along with his family. Rescuing 9-year-old Ridban alive after lying under the rubble for about 120 hours was a complex rescue operation, which lasted more than 24 hours. Ridban received medical treatment by a specialist pediatrician from the Israeli delegation and at the end of the rescue efforts, he was transferred for medical treatment at a hospital.

Ridban was the third person rescued alive from the same family. On Thursday, February 9, 2023, the day before, the “Olive Branches” delegation also rescued his father and his 14-year-old sister. His mother was located and rescued but lifeless. In the same building, on February 8, the second day of the delegation rescue work, they also rescued two more trapped persons alive.

At the Israeli rescue delegation to Turkey welcoming ceremony, Col. (ret.) Golan Vach, the commander of the delegation delivered a speech in which he said: “Our teams worked in small, secured forces. They moved quickly from point to point, according to the situational assessment of the commanders in the field. At the end of a long, long night, when the rest of the delegations woke up for briefing and morning call, in an organized and orderly camp, we were in the field, frozen from the cold weather, but at the end of the fourth rescue of an alive human being that night. The Israeli delegation worked around the clock during the day and especially at night. When some of the other forces folded after a day of strenuous activities, we increased our activities. Because when it’s quiet in the street you can hear voices crying for help.”

Col. (Ret.) continued his speech with a story about saving life and a coin:

Col. (Ret.) Vach told a story about a touching rescue case and a coin that is connected to the beautiful Land of Israel.

In Hebrew from minute 23:28 – 26:40:

Col. (ret.) Golan Vach, who is the commander of the delegation displays the coin - Photo Courtesy IDF
Col. (ret.) Golan Vach, who is the commander of the delegation displays the coin – Photo Courtesy IDF

“Our last Saturday evening in Turkey we were at the end of a 30-hour rescue operation of a 9-year-old boy. Amir’s team led the rescue. At the end of the narrow tunnel, two stories below the surface, stood a line of Israeli soldiers, whom I see sitting here in almost the same order, and at the end of the line stood a paramedic. I stood next to him when he cleared the blocks of concrete that covered the boy and immediately went to treat him.

I know this paramedic. He is our soldier who lost his daughter in an accident two years ago.

When he gently caressed the trapped boy’s hair and when he injected him with an infusion in a vein, in the small vein of the pinky finger, he calmed the child and muttered to him in a language that all children in the world understand.

Then the extraction process began that looked like the birth of a baby. It was difficult and physical, accompanied by cheers. At the end when the boy was rescued from the iron and concrete truss and went out into the world for a big hug, there were tears in everyone’s eyes.

When we came out of the tunnel, the boy’s uncle approached and gave the paramedic a coin.

The uncle explained: It is a simple coin that is not worth much money. But according to our local custom, this coin should be given to a woman giving birth. But when the birth is complicated, the coin is given to the midwife.

Israel Is Loved and Is Trusted

During the week we saw the locals’ love for Israel. Everywhere they asked for the help of the Israeli teams.

We asked them why are you asking and calling us. There are so many teams here; 40 rescue teams were on the ground. And their answer was: we want the Israelis because we believe and trust you.

Everyone understands our language. This is the language of saving lives. This is the language of human love. This is the language of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). This is the language of the State of Israel.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu added during the ceremony: “You have saved 19 worlds. In the Jewish ethos it is said that ‘whoever saves one soul it is as if he saved the whole world’. You saved 19 worlds, you showed the entire world the beautiful and true face of the State of Israel; a small country with a huge soul and heart. We know how to reach out to anyone who needs help.”

Reminder, Israel and Azerbaijan

In 2021, eight top Israeli medical professionals flew to Azerbaijan, as a humanitarian spirit delegation, in order to treat and operate on more than 150 Azerbaijani soldiers who were wounded in the 2020 2nd Karabakh War and suffered eye and facial injuries.

This is what Israel does. It is one call away for everyone, everywhere.

These days It is rare to turn on mainstream TV channels and receive the truth about the reality in Israel without lies, distortions, biases and without the ongoing demands to make concessions to the Arabs. So many Arabs have turned terrorists or wish to become a terrorist, even the young ones. Time to speak out.

NEVER be AFRAID. As Jews you are the light in this world wherever there is darkness. NEVER be AFRAID!

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