Government of Israel’s Sovereignty Withdrawal

The government of Israel has made it a continued habit to give the land of Israel to its foes, the Arabs.

History Of Giving Away Israeli Land

Here is a short reminder of few detrimental cases, Moshe Dayan gave the Holiest of Holy to the Jews, Temple Mount, to the Jewish nation’s eternal foes, the Arabs; Netanyahu gave away Hebron to the Arabs and froze Jewish home construction for ten months and ongoing; Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza and north Samaria and destroyed thousands of Jewish homes and got rockets in return; Israel has made Jewish Jerusalem a Jewish Ghetto, has created several neighborhoods Judenrein – clean of Jews – neighborhoods now dangerous for Jews to enter, and it is slowly making the entire Israel into a ghetto, surrounding three sides of Israel with high electric wire fence “for security and to keep the enemy out,” as Prime Minister Netanyahu proudly stated lately.

Confirmation Of Giving Away Land

When one listens to Jerusalem Council Member Arieh King, who heads Israel Land Fund (ILF), currently on “hasbara” tour in the United States, your heart starts beating fast while your mind tells you to continue saying this is insanity at its best, ludicrous and inexplicable and to which the government of Israel has succumbed. Speaking at JACLA – Jewish Activities Center of Los Angeles, Mr. King affirmed that the government of Israel is on a continued path of withdrawal from security, land, strength and sovereignty and it is unpleasant to say, but it is miraculous Israel is still there.

Concentrating on Jerusalem, Mr. King paints a gloomy picture. Arabs illegally and nonstop are building, on stolen Jewish land in the city, while Jewish construction is almost a taboo and Jewish construction is basically frozen.

With money they collect, ILF is methodically buying back land that belongs to Jews.

Imagine you bought a home, squatters moved in and settled in it and now you have to re-purchase your own home you own from the squatters. That is the case in fact in Jerusalem.

While building permits for Jews to build are put at the bottom of the pile, Arabs’ permits are issued fast. Arabs who submitted applications to build are already settled in their new home while the Jews who applied for a building permit way before them have not as much as received one document to start the process, Mr. King told the audience. All this is documented.

And the encroachment of Arabs into Jewish neighborhood is growing in leaps and bounds, endangering making Jerusalem, the heart of the Jewish nation, an Arab city in perhaps 20 years.

Who Funds Illegal Arab Building?

Who funds illegal building for the Arabs in Jerusalem? The EU, Saudis, Hamas and the Arab Bank, all are funneling money to the Palestinian Authority. Building for Arabs is cheap, they do not pay for the land, they steal it, and they do not pay taxes while Jews have to pay a high price for land. The result is that Arabs move in, in droves, while Jews do not move in, even leave the city, a negative growth of city Jewish population.

Government of Israel Hides the Truth

The government of Israel prefers to keep the truth away from the public for two reasons:

  1. so there is no panic, and
  2. not making reality known and keeping the facts swept under the carpet to fester, while above board all seems to be satisfactory

This the status-quo they prefer to keep.

Arieh King in JACLA-Photo Nurit Greenger
Arieh King in JACLA – Photo Nurit Greenger

And the police? There is no police station in Jerusalem; they work under the instructions of the government and the courts do not protect the Jews. You are on your own as a Jew living in Jerusalem. The result, young Jewish kids are learning Krav Maga in order to know how to defend themselves in case of an Arab attack.

40,000 illegal apartments and many villas designated for Arabs exist in “east” Jerusalem while Jews are leaving the city and construction for Jews is dismal in order to please the EU and USA. The good news is that there are more Jews than Arabs leaving in communities over the “illegal” green line.

And what does the government of Israel do? They keep the facts away from the public to know. What Mr. King does is revealing the truth, calling Jews, the world over, to save Israel from itself, more so, to save the land because in 20 years Jerusalem will be an all-Arab city.

The fight is on. There are many other organizations that do their part, such as Ha’Shomer Hachadash, Ad-Kan, Shurat Hadin, etc. The young Zionist generation is fighting for what is right and protecting what belongs to them in their homeland.

You cannot continue living on defending yourself and reacting to attacks, which is what Israel has doing for the past 68 years, never to destroy, for once and for all, its enemies.

What Can You Do To Help?

What is it that you, the reader, can do?

You need to learn the truth and then tell many others. If you live in the United States, you need to demand of your senator and congressman to be behind the United States finally moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Stop excoriating Israel for building homes for Jews in the city. Stop calling for an end to all Jewish construction in Jerusalem while supporting and encouraging Arab construction. Mind you, the Arabs do not pay taxes and disobey the law while living in their illegal dwellings and the Jewish citizens’ taxes pay for their garbage removal, law enforcement and other city services allotted to them.

Jews must have the very same rights as Arabs in Israel. Right now Jews are discriminated against. The government of Israel and its courts prefer the Arabs over the Jews.

Build, Build, Build Everywhere

If you want to save a Jewish Jerusalem, let the Arabs go! The way to save Israel is to build, build, build everywhere. Buy land for Jews and build. Your contribution in disseminating the facts and your financial contribution will grease the truth machine and save the land in Israel, in every part of the country.

Nurit Greenger

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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