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Dan Shapiro Appointed as Ambassador to Israel

dan shapiro
dan shapiro

The United States of America today appointed Dan Shapiro as Ambassador to Israel.

In the swearing-in ceremony for Dan Shapiro, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said it is especially heartening to see the Shapiro-Fisher clan so well represented in the U.S. State Department.

“But it is no surprise that Dan would draw such a crowd. His talent, his insight, his hard work, his good humor have made him a favorite here in Washington.” -Ms. Clinton

Dan Shapiro at the White House

“The friendship between the United States and Israel runs deep. It is rooted in shared values that are at the core of our respective national identities. Democracy, opportunity, tolerance – these and other values are written into our DNA.” -Ms. Clinton

She said the bonds the countries have formed are enduring and unshakable. She highlighted that more than six decades, through Democratic and Republican administrations alike, the United States has remained committed to Israel’s security and success.

Ms. Clinton emphasized that under President Obama’s leadership, with Dan by his side, the United States continues to ensure Israel’s qualitative military edge.

“We have increased security assistance, joint exercises and high-level consultations, and we have supplied new missile defense systems that are saving Israeli lives. Because we are convinced that Israel’s future depends upon achieving a comprehensive peace in the Middle East, we have consistently worked to support negotiations between the parties.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton narrated that Dan Shapiro first visited Israel when he was four years old. He was there with his parents during the Yom Kippur War. He saw civilians hiding in bomb shelters and he watched brave young men and women going off to defend their country.

She pointed out that back in Washington, Dan has become one of the most respected voices on Middle East affairs and a champion for the U.S.-Israel relationship.

“He spent years in the Senate, first with Senator Feinstein and then with Senator Bill Nelson. Dan emerged as a real leader and helped enact new sanctions on Syria and to designate Hezbollah’s satellite television operation as a foreign terrorist organization.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton pointed out that Dan has a big job ahead of him. She added that the State Department is sorry to lose him.

“We are not happy about sending him to Israel, although we’re thrilled for him and looking forward to visiting him and Julie. But it is with enormous confidence that we ask Dan to represent our country and the Obama Administration, and help us write a new chapter in the enduring partnership between United States and Israel.” -Ms. Clinton

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